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Why Businesses Perform Better in Coworking Spaces

Around 70% of the workforce works remotely at least once a week; 53% work remotely half of the week. This is transforming the 9-to-5 workplace and workday—when, where, and how work takes place. It is being driven by demographic changes and digital technologies that close the gap between work performed in a physical office versus work done from a virtual Read more

Pros and Cons of an Open Office Space

Open office coworking spaces are a growing trend — and for good reason. Not only does this alternative workspace serve as an affordable solution to scaling back overhead costs, but it also provides additional benefits and advantages for the modern day business owner. If you’re thinking about using a coworking space, this list of pros and cons will help you make Read more

Office Innovations for a More Productive Work Team

Regardless of your business’s location, industry or size, optimizing worker productivity is a discussion that your team should be having if they aren’t already. Productivity should be seen as a symbiotic result: for employees, increased output contributes to a sense of accomplishment and responsibility; employers, on the other hand, can enjoy up to a 21% increase in profits generated by Read more

Why Are Off-site Meetings Becoming More Popular and What Are the Benefits?

Few professionals and businesses will claim meetings are productive and useful. Yet, it is virtually impossible to run a business without them. The upside is that there are ways to turn mundane, unproductive meetings into collaborative exercises that result in actionable and meaningful outcomes. The biggest cause behind meeting fatigue is tied to hosts who simply have not learned how Read more

The Power Of Appearance / Perception Of Success

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”, you have probably read that phrase at least a few dozen times in your life. And although first impressions are very important, it is far more important that you maintain that great vibe throughout the duration of any relationship you would like to continue nurturing, whether personal or professional. Read more


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