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Over 20,000 Available Spaces

Davinci has over 20,000 meeting spaces in more than 5,500 locations across 50+ countries. Whether you need a day office or a full conference room, we’ve got plenty of locations ready for you.

Reserve Online

We take the hassle out of reservations by offering online booking for our meeting spaces with customization options conveniently laid out for you in an easy-to-read, organized manner.

Fully Serviced & Equipped

All our workspaces and meeting facilities are fully serviced and equipped with features like wifi, projectors, catering, business services, lobby greeters, printing, faxing, mailing, and more.

Rent By the Hour or By the Day

Davinci offers multiple rental options to accommodate your needs for your different business ventures. Whether you need a room for an hour or a space for a day, we’ve got you covered.

Starting at $10 an Hour

Our meeting space rentals start as low as $10 an hour with an array of services included. Prices vary depending on location, but we guarantee you’ll find options within your budget.

LCD Monitors & Projectors

Meeting rooms are fully equipped with LCD monitors, projectors, smartboards, plasma screens, and many other meeting tools and services to ensure you have everything you need for every meeting.

Affordable Catering

Davinci offers a variety of affordable food catering options available at every meeting location. No need to stress about hungry clients or picking up food, we’ve got it taken care of.

Business Services

With a Davinci meeting room rental, all of these services are available: copying, printing, mailing, faxing, a notary, and much more. Someone will be there to assist you so you can focus on your meeting.

Lobby Greeter

Davinci lobby greeters are ready to serve at every location. They’ll greet your clients warmly and ensure they’re taken care of, giving your clients the great first impression you’re counting on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Meeting Rooms Near Me?

No matter where you are, a Davinci Meeting Room is nearby. You can have a meeting just about anytime or anywhere! Davinci has thousands of meeting rooms for rent worldwide, including more than 20,000 meeting spaces in 5,500 locations across more than 50 countries. Whether you need to rent a convenient meeting room location right down the street, an impressive high-rise in a downtown location, or an international rental for global get-togethers, we’ve got you covered.

How Many People Can Your Meeting Room Rentals Accommodate?

No matter how many people you need to accommodate, there’s a space for you in a Davinci rental. We have small rooms, medium rooms, and large rooms that come in a variety of configurations so you can communicate with your group or audience without feeling cramped.

How do I Rent a Meeting Room?

To book the perfect meeting room in a convenient and prestigious location, follow these steps online, through our app (Apple or Android), or by calling us directly.

  1. Decide on a meeting room location near you or in another city or country.
  2. Choose an office building where you’d like to meet.
  3. Determine the room size you need.
  4. Find a meeting room that appeals to you.
  5. Think about if you need an hourly or daily meeting room rental.
  6. Select a date and time, and specify how many guests you expect to attend.
  7. Add any extra services you might want.
  8. Enter your payment information.

That’s it! You’ll receive a confirmation number and any other information you may need for your space. Simply arrive at your rented location on time, and you’ll be shown to your space. You’ll find a meeting room already set up and prepared for your arrival.

Will Someone Be There to Greet My Guests?

Yes, our meeting room locations typically have a trained, professional on-site lobby greeter who will greet your guests, guide them to your meeting room, and assist with any special requests made during the meeting.

Meeting Room Rentals for Any Need

Davinci Meeting Rooms offers a variety of meeting spaces to meet your business needs. Browse available meeting rooms in some of our most popular venues, or browse by city. Out of the country? We have international meeting room facilities and hotel meeting room alternatives in over 50 countries and counting. Whether you just need a day office or want a full conference room rental, we have the perfect meeting room for you.




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