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4 Reasons It’s Totally Awesome to Be a Solopreneur

It takes a certain kind of person to be a solopreneur, largely because it’s an exercise in self-empowerment. It’s not just a matter of running the business yourself; as a solopreneur, you are the business. It falls to you to handle every responsibility and challenge. It’s a sort of professional adventure and not one to be embarked upon lightly. Don’t be Read more

10 Reasons Renting a Meeting Room is Better Than Going to Starbucks

Entrepreneurs and small business leaders often find themselves going from one meeting to the next. And while the local Starbucks—or equivalent coffee shop—may be appropriate for some informal meetings with customers, partners, and employees, they aren’t suitable for many meetings. There are myriad reasons why entrepreneurs and small businesses should think twice before scheduling many meetings at the local coffee shop. Read more

Meeting Room Confrontations : How to de-escalate and get your meeting back on track

Conflict in business is inevitable and unavoidable. A consensus is a semi-regular event at best, and baseline agreement can at times be hard to come by. That’s not all bad news, though. Many conflicts can be beneficial. Conflict is inherent in any kind of business negotiation. Conflict helps illuminate differences of perspectives and facilitate the sharing of new ideas. More Read more

12 Reasons Why You Should Rent Your Next Conference Room

To keep pace with an increasingly competitive business environment and continued digitial disruption, organizations have become more team-centric, networked, and agile, according to global research conducted by Deloitte.  Businesses are reconstructing themselves from the inside out, flattening traditional hierarchies and reinventing the organization as a network of teams, from sales, operations and functional areas to c-suite.  As work becomes more team-based, the number of meetings and need to connect the team physically and/or remotely are on Read more


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