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35 Business Meeting Statistics That Will Change the Way You Use Your Time

Business meetings are a “necessary evil” for many professionals. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, most meetings were conducted in person. But with the advent of the pandemic, many had to shift to virtual meetings almost overnight. With the end of the pandemic tunnel in sight later this year with the growing availability of vaccines, face-to-face meetings will most certainly come back. Yet, with many workers indicating they want to remain working remote—at least some of the time—and businesses recognizing the advantages of hybrid workplace environments, a new meeting normal will ensue post-pandemic.

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Benefits of a Central Business District for Small Business Owners

The top priority for any business should be finding the perfect location. This is true for big corporations, storefronts, restaurants, hotels, and any other type of business. And usually the best locations can be found in the city’s central business district. 

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5 Benefits of Workplace Collaboration You Notice After a Pandemic Year

Technology has allowed companies to adopt modern workplace collaboration practices. And in a pandemic year, remote teamwork and collaboration in the workplace has been a necessity. While digital interaction and electronic communication is something we can no longer do without, there are still benefits of collaboration in the workplace.

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