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How Renting a Meeting Room can Help Start Your Small Business

When starting a business many focus on keeping a lean operation, reducing costs wherever possible. One way professionals oftentimes choose to save money is by hosting meetings at a local coffee shop. For reasons such as noise, privacy, and comfort, this isn’t the ideal situation. Ideally, professionals should book a meeting room to host their meetings. Although this seems like Read more

10 Reasons it is Important to Have Proper Posture at Your Work Desk

It’s always tempting to slouch a bit while we work, especially during the afternoon hours after the lunch break. However, not sitting properly at your desk can have negative implications on your health. Maintaining proper posture while at work and at home will alleviate you from having to deal with common aches and pains. So for your own good, sit up Read more

The Top 5 Differences Between Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs

There are some significant similarities between solopreneurs and entrepreneurs, and in many ways, the former is a subset of the latter. Both start their own business ventures, and both try to carve out a niche for themselves. In many cases, however, that’s where the similarities end. Here are the five biggest differences between the two. 1. A “Solo” Act vs. a Read more

Do You Make These Common Mistakes When Selecting a Meeting Space?

Research shows that business professionals spend upwards of one-third of their workday in meetings. This equates to over 25 million meetings in the U.S. each day. But just because all this time is spent in meetings doesn’t mean the time is well spent. Indeed, a vast majority of workers feel most meetings are a waste of time. Business executives concur, Read more


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