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Why Co-working Operators Should Monetize Retail Meeting Rooms

In 2017 self-reported figures from co-working operators estimated that only 40% of co-working spaces are actually profitable. Granted, co-working is still a relatively new industry, but 40% is still far from ideal. Back in 2016, during his presentation at the Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC), Jerome Chang--founder of BLANSKAPCES--said that meeting rooms are a co-working space’s most valuable asset. Unfortunately, Read more

Why People Thrive in a Shared Work-Space, and What You Can Do to Boost Business Outcomes

Shared work-space has been around for numerous years. In only the past decade, however, has it become widespread phenomenon. Small businesses and solopreneurs see shared work-space as a way to avoid the cost, inflexibility, and overhead of a fixed, permanent office space. They also welcome the chance to interact with other like businesses, where cross-fertilization of ideas leads to new Read more

21 Important Things You Should Look for In A Shared Office Workspace

Today’s world is all about the sharing economy. We like to share rides, share homes, and share ideas. It’s no surprise then that we like to share our workspace as well; shared workspaces have been found to improve productivity, reduce stress levels, and improve physical and mental health. But before you go and get yourself a membership to a shared workspace, Read more

Shared Workspace Trends & Etiquette

Shared work-spaces are the new normal. Companies, employees, freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, everyone is now looking to work from a shared work-space; after all, they offer incredible amenities that can cater to the pickiest of professionals. This boom in popularity has led shared work-spaces to evolve and improve themselves, taking things to the next level. This has given rise to new Read more


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