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Signs Your Workplace Culture has Turned Toxic and How to Fix It

Toxic workplace culture sinks productivity and can damage the well-being of your employees. The stress and disconnection that happens in a toxic culture harms everyone involved and can destroy a company from the inside.  To avoid damaging your company and your employees, it’s important to know the warning signs of a toxic workplace culture, and how to repair it. Here is Read more

How to Get the Most Out of Your Coworking Space

Despite the mismanagement and financial debacle of Wework earlier this year, the growth and adoption of coworking space remains on a steep trajectory. Consider a few of the projections from Small Business Labs: The number of coworking spaces will more than double from 2017 to 2022—from 14,411 to over 30,000 The number of coworking members will almost triple from 2017 to 2022—from Read more

3 Fears Every Entrepreneur Must Overcome and How to Cope with Them

Every entrepreneur has plenty of fears to overcome on the road to success. Some of those fears may be obvious, and some less so. We’re going to take a look at some of them and give you some ideas for how to overcome them. In General Fear of Failure The first most obvious fear is the fear of failure. Even creative and successful Read more

Building Relationships, Productivity, and Wellbeing with Collaborative Workspaces

The majority of organizations struggle to facilitate collaboration, brainstorming, and innovation. Much debate exists around what type of office space enables workers to achieve the highest rates of productivity while sustaining high levels of collaboration. There is a compelling reason for entrepreneurs to businesses to consider collaborative workspaces. Research shows that workers who have access to collaborative workspaces are 20% more Read more


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