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Coworking Spaces vs Libraries: Why Choose Coworking [8 Reasons]

Entrepreneurs and businesses are returning to in-person work—at least some of the time. There are a number of different factors behind this trend. Some professionals struggled with seemingly endless remote work from home offices during the pandemic. Around 7 out of 10 indicate that working from home mixes work and personal responsibilities that creates stress for them. Even before the pandemic, 20% of remote workers admitted to feeling lonely and isolated—a number that only increased over the past two years. Difficulty collaborating and communicating also are cited frequently by remote workers as challenges.

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Rented Meeting Rooms vs Hotel Meeting Rooms: Which are Better?

As the pandemic recedes into the rearview mirror and everyone becomes accustomed to working in an endemic world for the foreseeable future, many businesses and entrepreneurs are returning to in-person meetings and work. Hybrid work environments are quickly becoming the norm for many businesses, and this includes meetings. 

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