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How Far in Advance Do You Have to Book A Meeting Space? [How to Plan Ahead]

How far in advance do you have to book a meeting space? Whether you’re booking a meeting for employees or with clients, such requires appropriate preparation. The very fact that a large percentage of professionals feel meetings are a waste of time should be a shot across the bow. Research confirms these “feelings” are actually scientific. Counting: 55 Million Meetings a Read more

Future Workplace Trends: 8 Predictions for Post-Coronavirus

There’s no getting around it: the global pandemic has been brutal for business. For now, the goal of many employers is simply to survive the shuttered facades. Soon, however, survival will give way to adaptation. Employers, just like all evolved creatures, will find their own ways to adapt to new circumstances. This is especially true when lives (and livelihoods) are Read more

20 Work From Home Essentials to Make Work Easier

Upended Work World and Working from Home Professional and personal worlds have been upended due to COVID-19. They also have been intertwined with each other. Some professional that have never worked a day from their homes—and never intended to do so—have been working four, five, or even six weeks from their homes. Often without a dedicated office and dealing with spouses, Read more

4 Tips for Working From Home with Kids

Working from home may sound like a dream come true for those people who haven’t experienced it yet, and for the most part it truly can be fantastic.  But like everything in life, there are aspects of working from home that you might not have thought about until actually do it.  Sure, your commute time is zero, you have more time to Read more


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