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New Spaces Shine New Light on Business Meetings

For many of us, there is nothing more invigorating than a vacation. Europeans have always valued vacations from work because of their therapeutic elements. When I worked with a Danish bank, the first thing that struck - actually, shocked me was the three full weeks of vacation immediately - and unlimited sick days. Yes, you read that right. Unlimited. I Read more

Fresh Meeting Rooms Can Make Your Business Shine

I’ve found that anytime I want to shine a positive light on my business - the best way to do that is by playing dress up. While this sounds like child’s play - it’s actually a very well-used tactic. That’s why image consultants and professional stylists have been so successful at creating their own cottage industries. Every company today faces competitive Read more

Lively Meeting Rooms Encourage Proactive Working Habits

Corporate - or any business meeting for that matter, can be a real drag. For the most part, if you ask any business person about meetings, they will most likely have nothing nice to say. In fact, my colleague the other day just rolled his eyes. That’s really a shame, because meetings should be an opportunity to collaborate, energize and Read more

Better Meeting Rooms to Create Innovativeness in the Workplace

The work environment can either stifle or foster employee innovation. Many of today’s workplaces are not exactly shining examples of artful design. I’ve found that most offices tend to focus upon the most cost effective solution rather than anything that could even remotely be considered aesthetically pleasing. Oddly, management continues to preach about inspiration, motivation and creativity. Yet, they do little Read more

Meeting Rooms to Encourage Employee Creativity

Sometimes a change of scenery is all that you need to turn around a spell of writer’s block. Prior to now that report was going so well. All of the research had been wrapped up and you were on an upward swing with consolidating your thoughts into written form. A moment of distraction and it all went by the wayside. Your Read more


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