Better Meeting Rooms to Create Innovativeness in the Workplace

The work environment can either stifle or foster employee innovation. Many of today’s workplaces are not exactly shining examples of artful design. I’ve found that most offices tend to focus upon the most cost effective solution rather than anything that could even remotely be considered aesthetically pleasing.

Oddly, management continues to preach about inspiration, motivation and creativity. Yet, they do little to nothing to make it possible. How innovative is someone going to be when they’re breathing stale air in an outdated, sterile environment? Not even the most imaginative person on the planet could battle that every day.

Some progressive companies have finally gotten the idea that in addition to ergonomics, opening up or changing the space does wonders to motivate employees. Technology giants have become known for creating business worlds that most could only imagine.

Not only do they have great general work spaces, but they have previously unheard of perks like massage chairs, gyms, aquariums, and video games. When you think about it, what these companies have done is turn the work environment into a playground. Most anyone would rather play than work, so providing that type of environment only inspires and motivates. Creativity occurs the most when people are free to think. It’s just not going to happen in a stuffy work environment.

The most well designed workspaces increase worker productivity and better communication. It would make sense then, that poorly designed spaces would create dysfunctional employees with poor attitudes. Is it any wonder, then, that they would have a lack of motivation? In fact, I would suspect that someone working in a really crappy environment that appeared to be doing well was on something - and I'm not talking about massive amounts of coffee.

However, these companies have the budgets to afford to create these utopian work environments. Many firms, particularly smaller ones, do not have the financial resources to create these fantastical places for employees. But that doesn’t mean they can’t have access to great spaces at all.

Outside meeting rooms are the solution. Not everyone is going to get to work in an amusement park - but the space can be changed up from time to time. In fact, you can create a meeting room to be whatever you like - from a high level business meeting to an informal celebration. That’s the beauty of these rooms!


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