100+ Best Meeting & Conference Room Names To Spur Your Creativity

Picking a conference room name might seem like just another task, but it can be a great team-building exercise that fosters comradery and lets your employees feel like they have a personal investment in the company. This in turn becomes another step to get them more involved & embedded with the company overall.

The goal with a conference room name is to further improve and grow the culture of your business. An often-quoted researcher in this space, J.M. George, wrote in an article titled Human Relations, where he noted that a negative mood can move people to think and act negatively. Negativity can in turn make your employees cynical of others and their ideas, which spreads like a disease and impacts others, which in turn slows creativity in problem-solving or idea generation.

One way that you can have more positivity in your meeting rooms is to get creative when naming a conference room. Davinci Meeting Rooms offers hundreds of locations across the world, and we wouldn’t be disappointed if you used any of these conference room name ideas to name our meeting rooms that you can use regularly. So we give you the best conference room names we could find.There are some funny conference room names, some creative conference room names, , some that are professional, some clever, some popular,  but overall just a bunch of fun conference room names to spark your creativity. The following list has 21 idea groups with over 100 names combined within those groups to kick start the perfect naming of your conference room, collaboration space or meeting room:

TV shows and characters

For companies that have employees who love the same shows, you can name your conference rooms after:

• The Simpsons: Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie for the small conference room. 

Or even go with the towns and use Springfield, Shelbyville, Ogdenville, and the less known Capital City.

• Arrested development: The Bluth Family Home Designs is one idea or even the family members themselves, such as Gob, Michael, Tobias, Blue Man, Lucy or any other characters. 

Even the banana stand can serve as a name for a small conference room, and for a bigger conference room, you can go after the model home named Seawind.

• Game of Thrones: You can name your conference rooms after any of the families, Stark, Lanister, Targaryan.

Go for notable locations & where these families reside, Kings Landing, Storm’s End, Winterfell (especially the cold conference rooms), Casterly Rock, Bravos, etc. 

For the daring, you can even use the dragon names for your meeting room names, such as Drogonso, Drogon, Rhaegal, Viserion, Meraxes or Morghul.

• Other TV show names that are popular for your conference rooms can be from the Muppets, Sesame Street, super hero HQs (Danger Room –Xmen, Fortress of Solitude – Superman, Bat Cave – Batman), or whatever else you can make a clever connection with. 

Any other shows that might be relevant for meeting & conference room names, just drop it in the comments.

Local landmarks

Your location is an easy place to start for fun conference room names:

• If you are in Utah, you can go with Golden Arch,  Temple Square, Mount Olympus, or any one of the many Mormon temples. 

• In New York that could be Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, or Empire State.

• Another option is to incorporate popular hangout places around the city, like The Pie, Snowbird, Keys on Main, Liberty Park, Lagoon, and others. 

• The payment processing company Square named their meeting rooms after famous squares from around the world, so keep it relevant to your business/industry if possible.

• If you’re on the west coast, maybe some of the forests, beaches or even surf spots. 

• If you’re on the East coast, you could go after popular street names, parks, bridges, lakes or ports. 

• If you do international business or are a bank, maybe do like the Boku company which named their conference rooms after currencies (Dollar, Peso, Euro, Ruble). 

• If you have more ideas for names than New York has pigeons, share it with your fellow readers in the comments.


• Meeting & conference rooms can be named after:

• Team (Manchester, Seahawks, Celtics)

• Team members (Jordan, Mesi, Pele, Payton)

• Stadiums

• Different sport types (soccer, baseball, hockey, water polo)

• Sports equipment (racket, soccer ball, puck, net, javelin).

Sports named conference rooms can be cool and edgy, so preferably use it in a similar company culture that would support that kind of creativity. If you can remember any other good names better than you remember the Titans, then share it in the comments.


• Microsoft uses mountains and birds for their conference room names in Charlotte.

• Another company that uses animals is Twitter, they use birds (Magpie, Raven, Thrasher, Nighthawk, etc.) supposedly they vetoed Boobie and Tit. 

Share your favorite animal theme for conference rooms in the comments.

Geo Locations

Similar to local landmarks, this theme can be a great list of suggestions, but if you meet outside of the office often, it can be confusing. Some suggestions for this category are:

• Cities in the state where you do business

• Cities where you might have offices in

• Popular cities around the world

Some infamous stories we’ve uncovered, mostly funny, were connected with conference room names where the attendees went to the actual city or location instead of the conference room in that building, or even vice versa, where they went to the room in the building instead of the city across the country. 

Have a geo location grouping you think the world should use, do you know where you can place it? You guessed it, in the comments.

Descriptive names of the room

• Get creative with one unique aspect to the room itself, so naming them Echoing Conference Room, Freezing Conference Room, Crooked Table Conference Room, Missing Light-bulb or anything else that will stick with the room forever can work, as long as you keep the name professional and relevant.

Play on words

• Names that can change their name when you include the word “in”:

Some of the clever and funny meeting room names that work great when someone is asking where the meeting is going to be held include; Doors, Toxicated, Destructible, Here, A Jiffy, Ten Minutes, Limbo, Shock. 

Did our list leave you in Suspense? Jot down some of your plays on words in the comments.

Fonts and Typefaces

• Working in the corporate world, everyone in the office by now has a typeface or font they love and hate. Go with a professional creative name for your meeting space by using names like Optima, Centaur, Bembo, Museo, Avenir or Garamond. If you need more suggestions for names, look through your favorite word processing software. 

If you can type with an accent, use your favorite font to leave some name ideas in the comments.


If you are interested in having fun conference room names, then consider going with a name from a game.

• First suggestion is to go with card games (hearts, bridge, spades)

• You can also go with video games, and this isn’t exclusive to just IT departments. 

• When it comes to video games, you can do names from video game categories

• Console names (nes consoles, sega consoles, different console brands, etc)

• Classic video games (SpyHunter, DigDug, Bomberman, Streetfighter, and PacMan), bonus points if you can make it relevant to the games by getting the mantle with the game name for your conference room door tag). 

If you can shoot off a better name than Master Chief from Halo, drop it in the comments.

Food items

Maybe your employees have favorite foods.

• You could incorporate favorite restaurants into your innovative naming structure. 

• Condiments can be one choice, so Ketchup, Hot Sauce, Mayo, and Mustard. 

• Or you can go healthy and go with fruits if you have different colored rooms, such as Kiwi for green, Cherry for red, Peach for peach, and Berry for blue.

• Expensive meals would be another option, but that might come with some expensive expectations from your employees.

• The alternate route is to go with college foods, so Ramen, Pizza, Cookies or Three Day Old Chinese are good choices.

If you are eating something that could be a conference room name, save it for later, then write it out in the comments.


• Music can move the soul, the heart, and also the mind. One option for naming your meeting rooms in the best way possible, could just be by using bands or musicians, current or past, dead or alive. This route goes with using famous people who are successful and wealthy, but also who contributed to the lives of many with their music, so you can transfer that feeling to conference rooms.

• Think of music genres

• Names for their instruments

• Or even the type of instrument they used

All of these would be great names for your meeting & collaboration space. Besides the Beatles, what are your favorite band themed conference room & meeting space names?

Food & band name mashups

• This is taking it up a notch with creativity, Etsy combined the two fields above and made their own names for their conference & meeting rooms by combining music and food, so they have Pjork, Public Edamame, Bon Bon Jovi, Johnny Cashews, Nine Inch Snails and The Rolling Scones to name a few.

Chemical substances

• First off, not what you think, that wouldn’t be professional. You can however go professional and use the periodic table substances like Argon, Helium, and Tungsten.

• Or you can also go nerdy and use fictional substances for your names, so things like Kryptonite, Mithril, Vibranium, Axonite. 

Any other science related terms you can think of that fit here? Handle with care and put in the comments.


These days it is hard to have a conference room without using technology, so why not incorporate it into your meeting space name and have fun while staying professional. 

• Some familiar options would be, Windows/Mac/Linux operating systems 

• Or even riskier, failed Microsoft products like ME and Clippy

• If Apple is your preferred choice, go with one of their current or old products. 

• Popular accessories like Smartphone, Glow Headphones, Bluetooth Speakers and Smartwatch are another direction. 

• Taking it a step further would be to use names based on obsolete technology. A company called Pure uses Typewriter, Floppy Disk, Morse Code, Pager, CD Player. 

If you can think faster than it takes to send a document over fax, share your technology name ideas in the comments.

The universe

Use things from the known universe when naming your space for conferences & meetings. 

• Marvell (not the superhero company) has their top floor conference rooms named after celestial objects like, Sun, Moon, Earth, comet.

And their lower floors are named after mountains and oceans. 

• Directi uses planets, so Earth, Venus, Mars, Mercury, and bonus points if they are proportionate to size or named in order for where the spaces are in your office in relation to each other. 

If you know of any other universe related names, drop it in the comments.

Things that make you happy

• Loopt went a different direction and picked things that make them happy to think about, so they have rooms like Bubbles, Unicorn, Rainbow, Glitter, some other ones that could fall in this category are Puppies, Slinky or Rain. 

Mention what makes you happy and what you would like to name your space in the comments.


There are some great movie series that are everlasting, or even one time hits that people feel connected to. 

• Some ideas for this category are; the Godzilla group with names for rooms like, Godzilla, Mothra, Megalon, Rodan.

• If you’re into Transformers, go with Optimus, Bumblebee, Megatron.

• For a Lord of The Rings motif you could name your conference rooms Gandalf, Frodo, Bilbo and if there is a conference room name needed for a room with a video camera, Sauron. 

• In the Harry Potter world, the go-to choices are Harry Potter, Potter, Hermione, Ronald, Dumbledore, and others. 

• From the Matrix universe, you could have meeting rooms named, Neo, The One, The Mainframe, The Architect or The Oracle. 

Famous series of films also have memorable characters.

• For names from James bond films, think about naming the rooms after:


• girls (Domino, Taro, Vesper, Honey Rider) 

• or villains (Hugo Drax, Dr Julius No, Le Chiffre, Goldfinger)

• Netflix uses movies for all of their conference rooms, which shouldn’t come off as too much of a surprise, unless you are scheduled for a meeting with your manager in the Terminator room. 

We know we didn’t do this naming theme justice by not including your favorite movie, so let us know what that is in the comments.

Famous people

If you are already considering movies, why not stretch it to include some famous people, possibly ones in your industry or category. 

• If you are thinking of going with famous people for conference & meeting room names, you will preferably keep them together by category, so if scientists, be like stumbleUpon and use Copernicus, Mendel, Einstein, Euler, etc. 

• Maybe it’s by athletes

• You could do explorers.

• Or do revolutionary businessmen and businesswomen. This way you pay homage and keep a relevancy for what your industry already knows as people of influence. 

Are you a famous person in your industry people should keep in mind to name their conference rooms after? Then share it in the comments.

Company values

• If you are a cost-conscious company, consider names like (Economical, Frugal, Cheapskate, Tightwad), 

• Or if you have specific values as an organization, then a broader list of your overall values (Humility, Honesty, Passion, Perseverance) would also fit in here.

Do you have values that would be good names for others to use? Share it in the comments.

Product categories

Product categories of where your company is involved is another naming idea. 

• eBay uses popular categories for their building names, and in those buildings, they use popular items for those buildings’ conference rooms. So if they have a building called Home Goods, then the conference rooms would be popular items from those categories. 

• If your company is involved in creating touch interactive apps, names like Flick, Tap, Long Press, Scroll would be appropriate names. 

• Match.com used love and pet names like Cuddle Bug, Cutie Pie, Love Bunker, Baby Doll. 

• McAfee uses computer threats which they have come across historically, such as CodeRed, Stuxnet, and so forth.

Names relevant to your services

Just as with product categories, you can go a different route and give your meeting rooms & conference rooms names after the services you provide. 

• Asana, a project management tool, uses names for things that require collaboration between people, the bigger the room, the more collaboration it should take, some examples are – Symphony, Potluck, Revolution, Barn Raising, Human Pyramid, Tango, and Prisoners Dilemma.

These are some of the examples that we here at Davinci have come across and came up with when researching this topic. There are many other good ones that you might have come up with just by reading this post, and any that you don’t want to hoard for yourself, feel free to share with others in the comments. The overall best strategy is to go after something that reflects your core business, as it can get confusing if you don’t have enough relevancy or enough names to keep the theme going as you grow.

It can be hard to be creative, but give it a try, preferably something that still makes sense to your business so it’s easier to explain, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Any of these names would still be a better fit than ‘Large Conference Room’, ‘Corner Conference Room’, and other basic descriptions. Instead, try to make your conference room experience a fun one. On some days, just saying the name can give you a good feeling, which can impact the meeting you and others are going into, so put a little effort into giving yourself and others a good feeling about your workplace.


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