How to Build a Great Company Culture in a Coworking Space

Moving your team to a coworking space or other form of shared workspace has many benefits to offer your company, but it’s not always easy to keep the workplace culture strong when you’re sharing your office with other organizations.

This may not seem like an issue at first glance, but workspace culture is essential to employee engagement, advocacy, and productivity. A solid culture facilitates an environment where your employees feel like they fit in with their coworkers and share the same values as the company.

As such, it’s important to nurture your company culture in your coworking space. Doing so will take some effort and creative thinking, but this guide will help you succeed and reap the benefits of a shared workspace that are sure to follow.

5 Tips to Build a Great Company Culture in a Coworking Space

1. Personalize Your Workspace

Personalizing your workspace is a great way to encourage individualization, represent pride in the company you work for, and make an open workplace feel more like home. This is easily done in a permanent office space that belongs to the company, but it can be a little tricky in a coworking space.

The best way to achieve personalization is to reserve a semi-permanent area at your coworking space. Most open workspaces will give you the option to reserve a single area for a set number of people, or a desk on a first-come-first-serve basis. If possible, opt for the long term reservation so you can make the space your own. Personalize it with the company colors, logo, and a few reminders of the company’s core values. You can also encourage your employees to decorate their desk with easy, inexpensive decorations.

If personalizing the shared space isn’t an option, consider personalizing your equipment, such as laptops and other gear. Add the company logo to individual items, order branded office supplies, and incorporate your company’s color scheme into anything you can.

2. Encourage Productivity

Working from home can be distracting and so can working in a coffee shop or other public place with little privacy. Can you imagine trying to work while listening to cash registers, coffee machines, and noisy customers? Or if you’re at home, think of the temptation to watch TV, raid the fridge every hour, or be otherwise unproductive with no one to keep you accountable. These distractions can result in little to no work in some cases.


One of the great benefits of a shared workspace is that it takes away a lot of the distractions you’d normally be experiencing. Without those distractions, your productivity will increase and so will the productivity of your employees. You can accomplish a lot of work by utilizing coworking space.

3. Provide Collaboration Opportunities

Take full advantage of collaboration opportunities and encourage frequent collaboration among team members. Allow employees to engage with each other and brainstorm in group discussions or one-on-one meetings.

While collaboration can be a powerful tool in uniting team members and keeping the workspace culture alive, it’s important to keep these collaborations productive and focused. You can foster productive communication by scheduling time to talk and time to work.

Even though you’re all working in close proximity, you should still schedule regular meetings with the entire team and with individuals. This will help keep employees on the same page and follow up regularly on assignments and progress reports. For meetings such as these, most coworking spaces provide private meeting rooms that you can reserve by the hour, which gives you the option to hold a closed-door meeting when necessary.

Also, keep in mind that while productive collaboration is vital to the success of your organization, a little unstructured chat time can help your employees bond and get to know each other better. 

4. Have Fun Together

Perhaps the best way to keep your workplace culture alive in any environment is to have fun together. Give employees plenty of opportunities to get to know each other and participate in activities outside the workplace. This type of engagement will help employees feel closer to one another, which will go far to promote honest and open communication.

You can plan team-building activities for the whole company to engage in, take the team out for lunch, or block out some time once a week to participate in an activity that will give them a brief break from work and some freedom to express themselves in the professional setting.

5. Network with Others

One of the benefits of a shared workspace is that many coworking spaces organize building-wide events that allow for networking and collaboration between the various companies that have set up shop in the same workspace. Take full advantage of these opportunities and encourage your employees to join in and represent the wonderful company they work for. Whether it’s a catered lunch or a networking event, these activities have the potential to strengthen your team and promote company pride, unity, and loyalty.

These events are not only networking opportunities but they can turn into business opportunities. You might make a connection with a marketing company that can help your company out or you might meet someone that needs help from your company. Either way, you have the potential for great business opportunities by using shared workspace.

Thrive In Your Coworking Space with Davinci

With the perfect coworking space for the unique needs of your organization, you can combat the common obstacles that come with managing your team in an open workspace.

Allow Davinci to help you thrive in your coworking space. Not only do we offer a diverse selection of coworking spaces all over the country, but we also provide you with the additional tools and resources you need to succeed in an open and shared workspace. Contact us today to learn more about everything we can do for you and your team in a professional coworking space.


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