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9 Effective Meeting Tips for Busy Professionals

One of today’s most valuable resources is time. Which is why one of the enemies of today’s busy professionals is meetings; especially those that tend to run longer than they should. If you think about it, meetings consume the better part of your day, and even week, and unfortunately, more often than not the purpose of the meeting is unknown Read more

11 Things to Consider When Booking a Meeting Room [Professional Tips]

Studies show that business leaders waste an inordinate amount of time sending email, making calls, and booking slash attending meetings. About one-third of a business leader’s time is consumed with email, and another one-third is spent in meetings—with up to half of that time deemed a complete waste. There are various reasons meetings are a drag on businesses—everything from the lack Read more

How to Launch Your Startup & Keep Your Costs Down

With economic indicators surging, entrepreneurs are taking the plunge and launching their own startup businesses. Potential business opportunities are immense, with one recent article citing 75-plus ideas. There are any number of reasons why entrepreneurs decide to start a business—passion about an idea, the desire to work for themselves, better work-life balance … the list could go on. The long-held concept Read more

How to Create A Collaborative Workspace to Improve Teamwork

Creating a workspace that inspires individuals and encourages them to collaborate and work together is key to strengthen company culture and retain talent. Plus, great ideas are likely to spark out of random conversations and innovation is disruptive when it involves various people. Because of this, companies are increasingly searching for ways in which to enhance their workspace to improve and Read more


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