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Better Meeting Rooms Revive a Tired Workplace

Working in an office is something that can be tough on employees. Every day will typically consist of a series of repetitive and mundane white-collar tasks such as making phone calls, typing up memos, copying, printing, and whatever else is needed around the office. The harsh truth is many people working around business buildings lack excitement in the workplace, and Read more

Five Ways A New Meeting Room Pays

A good meeting room will do more for a business than most owners realize. There are multiple benefits to moving outside the office for meetings, and taking workers on trips to alternative meeting places can do wonders for the workplace. Here are five sure-fire ways that a business benefits from stepping outside the office to hold its meetings. 1) It is Read more

Technology Demands Alternative Meeting Spaces

Unless your business has a large space to accommodate a theatre-sized screen your best bet for holding a teleconferencing session might be to find an alternative meeting space. So often the need arises for companies big or small to meet in spaces, which are able to accommodate large gatherings. Since companies are globally positioned and have the need to collaborate Read more

Working from Your Home Away from Home

There is no doubt that nearly everyone has benefited from the many advancements in technology. For example, the availability of instant information has lent itself to more progressive attitudes about more flexible working environments. Company Benefits It goes without saying that most everyone finds working from home and other locations to be a great benefit. The time and cost savings on commuting Read more


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