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10 Steps to Creating a Productive Workspace

Productivity is a central concern for businesses—from entrepreneurs, to small businesses, to even enterprises. Getting the most out of the time spent working is critical and has a direct impact on the bottom line. Much has been written on the topic. Meetings are a frequent discussion point, with the majority of professionals citing time wasted in meetings as a substantial Read more

10 Reasons to Start Your Business in a Shared Office Space

There are a lot of things that entrepreneurs and small businesses need to consider when launching a new business. Determining your office space is an important line item on the checklist. For some, the “gut” instinct may be to go out and sign a long-term lease for a permanent office location. Others—often entrepreneurs—simply elect to turn a room at their Read more

2 Signs It's Time to Rent an Office Space For Your Business

You are quite comfortable working out of your home. After all you have a great set up in a dedicated room, you own a fantastic desk, a very comfortable chair, and your WiFi is fast and reliable. On top of that you have the perks of a zero minute commute and all the coffee you can drink from your favorite Read more

How to Make Remote Employment Work for You and Your Employee

Despite a few corporate dinosaurs—including some that are now extinct—that cling to the belief that workers must be in a permanent physical office with all their coworkers eight hours a day, five days a week, the marketplace recognizes the value of a remote workforce and the importance of offering workplace flexibility. Research—and the associated business outcomes—proves the point. In a previous Read more


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