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7 Critical Lobby Greeter Skills

When you decide to get a Davinci Meeting Room or purchase a Davinci Virtual Office in order to impress your current and prospective clients you not only get a prime professional business address in a top location, you also get a lobby greeter who welcomes your clients to your office and assists them. But what are the most critical lobby Read more

The Complete Guide to Where to Sit in a Meeting Room

A business meeting isn’t always an easy social situation to navigate. Depending on who you’re meeting with, and the purpose of the meeting, there can be a level of tension and awkwardness in the air. Even if there’s not at first, it’s possible to create some if you sit in the wrong place. In other words, where you sit matters, Read more

Creating the Perfect Meeting Agenda

Creating the perfect meeting requires a bit of time and planning. However, when factoring in the cost of multiple peoples’ time, it’s an investment of time well spent.  Meetings are often shaped by the culture of an organization. For example, a tech team might have a daily scrum, which is typically a stand-up meeting of plans for the day.  At the other extreme, is Read more

How to Entertain Your Clients When They Come to Town

Client entertainment has made (or broken) countless deals throughout the years. These interactions provide ample opportunity for the development of healthy client-merchant relations, and for potential clients to get a good idea of the caliber of people they’re looking at working with. Unfortunately, missteps during these interactions (or worse yet, a botched attempt at entertaining a client) can set the Read more


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