10 Essential Lobby Greeter Skills

When you decide to get a Davinci Meeting Room or purchase a Davinci Virtual Office in order to impress your current and prospective clients you not only get a prime professional business address in a top location, you also get a lobby greeter who welcomes your clients to your office and assists them. But what are the most critical lobby greeter skills you should look for when exploring different virtual office possibilities?

Here is our top 10 list of the most important lobby greeter job skills:

1. Outstanding Customer Service

This is arguably the most important of the lobby greeter skills. A lobby greeter must be capable of delivering outstanding customer service. This starts by being friendly and giving clients a warm welcome as they come into the building. The last thing you want is for your clients to feel uncomfortable or unwelcome when they arrive. They should also be able to answer basic visitor’s questions about your company’s products or services in order to assist clients while you’re unavailable.

2. Friendly and Positive

A friendly smile works wonders towards creating a welcoming environment. It should be one of the first things your clients see when they arrive. Smiling creates a positive environment and is a great first interaction. In addition to having a great smile, an excellent lobby greeter is always courteous and respectful, a great listener, responsive, open to feedback, and always acts on feedback to continuously improve themselves and their greeting skills.

3. Be Presentable

In order to represent your company in the most professional way possible, the lobby greeter at your location should have excellent professional presentation skills. In addition to being presentable themselves by dressing professionally and looking their best, they should present themselves well and present your company well. If they’re helping you with a presentation, they should be professional in that regard as well. 

4. Answer Phone Calls

If they don’t have a good “phone voice”, they won’t know how to be a good greeter. This is a critical skill for every lobby greeter. A great lobby greeter will answer the telephone in a friendly manner and will direct the caller exactly to where they need to go. They are also able to answer basic questions about your business on the phone which will help speed up business since your clients won’t have to reach out to you directly for every little question.

5. Communication Skills

You want your lobby greeter to listen actively, to be alert and interested in the client they are talking to, to never interrupt, always ask questions, be clear and succinct, and to overall be a master of nonverbal communication (right tone of voice, maintain eye contact, etc). If they’re a great communicator, they’ll be a fantastic lobby greeter. 

6. Handle Mail Reception and Forwarding

The lobby greeter is able to receive, sort and distribute incoming mail to where it needs to go. If you have a mail forwarding service then the lobby greeter will be in charge of getting the package delivered to where you want it to go. A great lobby greeter will be able to organize and distribute mail efficiently, ensuring it always gets to where it needs to go in a timely manner.

7. Cultural Awareness

A great lobby greeter will have cultural awareness in order to help clients feel comfortable and at ease. If you have clients from around the globe, they’ll each have different cultural norms. Your lobby greeter should be able to serve each of them in their own personal way to make them feel at home, especially if they’re traveling to you and are away from their homeland.

8. Organization

Lobby greeters need to be organized to handle all the different clients and tasks efficiently. Multitasking is also a very important part of the greeter’s job skills as they will have to wear many different hats in this role. A good lobby greeter must also have excellent time management skills to succeed. With clients visiting from different time zones and having different time constraints, you’ll want your lobby greeter to be on top of things at all times.

9. Detail-Oriented

In addition to being organized and timely, a great lobby greeter will be detail-oriented and thorough, making sure to check every detail. They will be thorough in their work and make sure each client is attended to and helped with whatever they need, down to the small details like remembering which client likes ice water and which client prefers coffee.

10. Patience

Last but not least, every lobby greeter needs to have patience. Sometimes, things don't go as planned. Clients might show up late. Meetings might be rescheduled last minute. Anything can happen. A good lobby greeter will always be on their toes and will be patient when handling problems. This includes handling any difficult clients or client questions.

As you can see, we expect a lot from lobby greeters, which is why we’ve made sure to hire only the best greeters with excellent greeting skills at Davinci. We’re confident that our lobby greeters will be able to provide you with whatever you need when you book a meeting room with us. Contact us today or check out our site for more information on meeting rooms and lobby greeters.


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