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Pressure to Return to the Office? 15 Reasons Why Your Small Business Doesn't Need to Do So

Over the past several years, small business operations have undergone a significant transformation due to the rise of digital technology, a focus on results rather than time spent working, the need for greater work flexibility in terms of where and when employees work, and others. 

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How to Network While Working from Home

Figuring out how to network while working from home can feel impossible at times, especially if you're used to in-person networking or at least meeting in a common office space. How do you maintain a professional image without tech support or worse, household chaos happening in the background?   

The good news is, people are far less concerned with home interruptions and having an unpolished workspace is accepted in most industries. These days, networking from your home office has never been easier and as the world continues shifting to remote work, it's only going to become more common.

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