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Need a Place for Employee Training? Rent a Training Room!

Employee training and development programs are more important than one imagines, for a variety of different reasons. Certainly, some training must be done as a checkbox to satisfy industry or government regulations or to ensure employees know how to use new technologies or follow new processes. In other instances, the primary objectives revolve around helping employees develop new skills and to Read more

5 remarkable reasons to use conference room rentals

As a growing business, you need more space. However, office lease payments can squander your budget. Just as you need meeting space to grow and meet with new prospective clients, you need to cut costs where you can, too. There are many reasons businesses prefer conference room rentals, whether it be the freedom to travel or access to technology and services Read more

Five Reasons to Use Conference Room Rentals for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you are proud to offer a level of personal touch that large corporations just can’t achieve. Often times, however, a small business might feel a slight disadvantage when compared side by side to large competitors. Finding tips and tools to hurdle those disadvantages can go a long way. More and more small business owners are rapidly Read more

Help! I Need a Conference Room and Office for a Customer Video Shoot

The use cases for Davinci Meeting and Conference Rooms are quite diverse. Sometimes customers simply need a larger office with all of the proper meeting accoutrements such as a lobby greeter, Internet access, presentation tools, among other. It might be an internal meeting, or it might be a meeting with a partner or customer. Others may be looking for something more Read more

Should You Rent a Hotel Conference Room for Your Next Meeting?

With hotels spreading across the globe, when you’re looking into conference or meeting room availability, your first thought might be to consider hotel conference rooms. With the convenience of multiple downtown location options, that’s understandable. However, did you know that Davinci Virtual offers conference rooms, meeting rooms, and even office space for rent for significantly less expensive than most hotel Read more


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