What is Hoteling Office Space? [What to Know]

Office hoteling adds another layer of flexibility to flexible workspaces by eliminating assigned seating and allowing members to reserve the type of office space that flows and fits perfectly  with their daily changing tasks and objectives. 

Office Space Hoteling enables you to book a meeting room for your weekly all-hands-meeting, work from home on Tuesday, book a private office to make crucial business calls on Wednesday, and then drop by at a desk in the coworking space on Thursday and Friday in between meetings at your most important clients’ HQs.

Contrast this with being tied to a specific space for a full month. Imagine taking important calls, having large meetings, or a video conference in the middle of a crowded coworking space. Or having to use a large meeting room for one-on-one meetings.

Hoteling office space benefits flexible workspace operators by helping reduce the spaces left unused. This effect is compounded when paired with data gathered about what type of spaces are most in demand in order to adjust your offerings as needed. This will generate a virtuous cycle of demand and data.

This is further improved by a reduction over the long term of your utilities and rent costs. 

For members, office space hoteling is a great way to increase productivity, since you are now able to use whichever space makes more sense for you every day. And your company can make the most out of the smart office software you are using since the pandemic hit, such as cloud storage, work management platform, and business communication platform. These will all come in handy when you want everybody to stay in the loop regardless of where they are working from. 

Office space hoteling also helps you predict when there is likely to be low demand, and enables you to plan networking events or other community building activities around these periods. 

And finally, hoteling office space can also provide a morale boost for companies, helping eradicate power struggles by making office space available on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

Hoteling office space is definitely a favorable trend to keep a close eye on, especially as companies struggle to make going back to the office attractive for employees. 


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