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7 Signs You're Ready to Move from a Home Office to a Shared Workspace

Adoption of shared office space is exploding—from day offices, to coworking space, to meeting rooms. Consider the growth in coworking space alone, which is expected to hit 5.1 million by 2022—up from 3.8 million today. The digital era and its associated technology evolution and deconstruction of the traditional workspace—and workday—helped make what some thought might be a passing trend a new Read more

Why Coworking Spaces Are Here to Stay: 9 Reasons

Coworking spaces are the talk of the town due to their exponential growth—and one that encompasses workers from all types of businesses. Until the past few years, gig economy workers were the primary users of coworking spaces. But this is no longer the case. According to a study by the Global Workspace Association, nearly half of users are small businesses, Read more

Little Known Ways to Personalize Your Space

One of the many benefits of a virtual office solution such as Davinci Virtual Offices is access to a portfolio of physical spaces that can be booked on demand without a long-term commitment.  While many solopreneurs and small businesses take advantage of offices by the day and meeting rooms by the hour, in today’s agile work environment, some teams and individuals find they need to be on site for an extended period.  In Read more


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