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The Future of Open Office Workspaces After COVID-19

The concept of the open office generated a lot of conversation before the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses literally spent millions and millions of dollars in capital expenditures tearing out office walls and retrofitting for open-office architectures. For some small businesses, they even elected to eliminate permanent office space altogether and move into coworking spaces with other small businesses and solopreneurs. State of Read more

Why Collaboration is Essential in Business While Working Remotely

The number of remote workers was already on a significant upward trajectory before COVID-19.  Businesses that believed remote workers are less productive, work fewer hours, and assume less responsibility and ownership than workers who work from a physical office location five days a week found that their premises were ill-founded. Forbes indicates that remote work is “no longer a privilege,” Read more

How Important Is the Physical Environment of an Office?

Providing your employees with an ideal physical space has been shown to help increase productivity, attract new talent, and reduce attrition rates. But with the rising popularity of remote work the physical environment of an office might seem like an outdated concept, one that is doomed to disappear in the long term as workers inevitably move to their home office, Read more


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