Shared Workspace Trends & Etiquette

Shared work-spaces are the new normal. Companies, employees, freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, everyone is now looking to work from a shared work-space; after all, they offer incredible amenities that can cater to the pickiest of professionals.

This boom in popularity has led shared work-spaces to evolve and improve themselves, taking things to the next level. This has given rise to new trends within these spaces and a more strict etiquette expected from users of the space.

Key Trends

  • Niche is taking over: with increase demand comes increase competition, and shared work-spaces have found an opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition. There are now shared work-spaces that seek to cater to block-chain professionals, musicians, chefs, women, parents, lawyers, health practitioners, etc.
  • Wellness is the new black: shared workspaces are human-centric, which is why wellness is deeply-rooted in most shared workspaces’ philosophy and vision. There is an increased trend in spaces that incorporate meditation rooms, yoga classes, fitness areas, healthy snacks, and the like. These spaces are being design to improve health, and everything from lighting to air conditioning is taken into consideration.
  • Private spaces: although shared work-spaces are, well, shared, they have also realized that everyone needs their privacy now and then; which is why these spaces are offering more private offices, phone booths, quiet areas, and the like. Although much of the space remains communal and shared, there are options available for those who want privacy for specific tasks or days.


Demand for shared workspaces has soared, which means that there are now more people than ever sharing their work environment. In order to keep things from getting ugly, there needs to be an etiquette and rule of conduct that people abide to.

  • If you’re on the phone, step outside, use the phone booth, or find an area where you won’t be disrupting other people’s work.
  • If you bring your own food, be considerate to others when you heat it up, there are foods that unfortunately are smelly, and foul smells have a negative impact on your focus and productivity.
  • Do your dishes; even if you just used a spoon, make sure you either put it inside the dishwasher or that you wash it yourself. The space is shared, which means everyone is responsible for its cleanliness.
  • On the note of cleanliness, keep your work area clean. Avoid leaving food outside, throw the trash in the garbage can, and if you spill something, clean it up!
  • Be a nice human. Look people in the eye when you say hello, smile, and treat everyone with respect.
  • If you are listening to music or watching videos, use headphones!
  • Keep your language professional. Although shared work-spaces are casual work environment, you should keep language PG and avoid cursing and shouting.


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