12 Reasons Why You Should Rent Your Next Conference Room

To keep pace with an increasingly competitive business environment and continued digitial disruption, organizations have become more team-centric, networked, and agile, according to global research conducted by Deloitte. 

Businesses are reconstructing themselves from the inside out, flattening traditional hierarchies and reinventing the organization as a network of teams, from sales, operations and functional areas to c-suite. 

As work becomes more team-based, the number of meetings and need to connect the team physically and/or remotely are on the rise. To facilitate connections and knowledge transfer requires reliable, convenient and affordable meeting facilities with remote capabilities and broad services.  

With such specific requirements and little room for error, holding meetings at a professional meeting and conference center is often the best strategy. Here are 12 reasons why. 

1. comfortably accommodate your entire team.

While your firm may only need an 18-person conference room once a year, conference centers have small, medium and large available spaces available with the click of an app, allowing you to pay for only what you need when you need it.  

2. privacy.

Perhaps you are discussing sensitive topics not to be shared with the home office. Maybe you need a change of scenery for ideating, strategic planning or other activity that requires a distraction-free environment. An offsite center provides a neutral setting. 

3. sophisticated video conference tools.

A distributed work force, team of consultants and/or remote workers need to connect from afar with top-flight equipment and connections. Such an infrastructure often requires up-to-date and sometimes expensive amenities and systems such as conference phones, HD video conferencing systems and collaboration tools that a small business may not have access to in-house. 

4. space and service on a budget.

Hotels are in the catering and large event business; small meetings are often not their focus. Moreover, costs can be up to 50% higher since they have higher overhead costs. Centers such as Davinci Meeting Rooms offer highly competitive meeting room rates. With low minimums and pricing, meeting hosts can stretch their resources efficiently and effectively without compromising service or location. 

5. lobby greeter.

People’s first and last impressions are what stays with them long after an event is over. Receiving a warm welcome and directions or other assistance from a lobby attendant who is expecting your guests starts things off on a positive note. 

6. catering.

A professional meeting center can provide a variety of well-priced catering services onsite to meet food and beverage needs of all guests, saving the host having to search for viable alternatives in an unfamiliar area.  

7. professional atmosphere.

Meetings with prospective partners, funders, employees or vendors may call for a more refined atmosphere than your primary workspace, public meeting areas or expensive and anonymous hotel meeting rooms. Full-service, professional business centers are well-equipped with the latest technologies and business services in a professional setting. 

8. reliable internet access.

Nothing saps an important meeting faster than unreliable WiFi or slow or nonexistent internet access. Meeting attendees today expect outstanding technology services including high-speed Internet to conduct business. 

9. presentation tools available.

Professional meeting room facilities are fully equipped with digital and analog tools to make conferences productive. Typical offerings range from easels, notepads and magnetic white boards, to smart boards, LCD projectors, plasma screens and more. 

10. reliable video conferencing.

While various platforms exist to connect professionals by phone and/or video chat, they are often expensive, complex, unreliable and/or require specialized equipment or training. Centers such as Davinci provide their own streamlined online-based video chat product that can be accessed with an internet connection and a personal computer, hand held smart phone, or tablet device with camera. One click on a shared link allows up to 25 people to participate on the same call, with functionality to share screens and record the conference; no passcodes or logins are required.  

11. business services and ancillary support.

Working offsite can mean assembling and transporting office supplies and scrambling to find support services. A professional meeting facility provides services such as copying and color printing, secretarial services, faxing, notary and transcription services, mailing, shipping, office supplies and much more. 

12. available in multiple locations.

With today’s highly distributed teams, meetings may take place at several locations across town or across the globe. Meeting room services such as Davinci are equally networked, providing offices, meeting rooms and conference facilities conveniently booked at the touch of an app.

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