Pros and Cons of an Open Office Space

Open office coworking spaces are a growing trend — and for good reason. Not only does this alternative workspace serve as an affordable solution to scaling back overhead costs, but it also provides additional benefits and advantages for the modern-day business owner.

If you’re thinking about using a coworking space, this list of pros and cons will help you make the best decision for you and your team.

Disadvantages of Coworking Spaces

It’s Not Yours

One of the biggest drawbacks to a coworking space is that it’s not really yours. You forfeit the option to customize your workspace with your favorite desk accessories and pictures of your family.

Also, because it’s in a public space, you can’t leave your belongings at your desk when you leave. This means that you have to pack up your laptop, notebooks, and anything else you need to get your work done before and after work.

There’s a Lack of Privacy

As is the case with any open office environment, there is a lack of privacy in coworking spaces, and that’s just an expected part of the office culture. Chances are, you will be working in close proximity to your own team members as well as a few strangers, so you’ll want to plan accordingly.

If you need to hold an official, closed-door meeting, there are several coworking spaces that give members the option to reserve a private meeting room or a private office by the hour. And if you’re the type of person who prefers to work behind closed doors as opposed to an open office space, you can pay extra to set up shop in a private office.

There’s a Lot Going On Around You

With more and more people working remotely, coworking spaces are in high demand. That being said, you should be prepared to work in an open office environment surrounded by different types of people.

For some, this busy office culture can make it difficult to focus on the tasks at hand. If this is a concern for you or your team, don’t worry; there are things you can do to maintain focus and productivity in an open office space.

Advantages of Coworking Spaces 


You’ll soon discover that the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to this alternative work environment. For starters, you simply can’t beat the affordable cost of a coworking space compared to an office lease. And nowadays, many cost-effective coworking spaces come fully kitted with the equipment and amenities you need to stay productive and efficient.

Not only do you save money by forgoing an office lease, but you also save on office equipment and supplies, such as a new printer or a fax machine.


As you begin your search for the perfect coworking space, you’ll find a variety of different options to choose from. While an office lease is a rigid agreement, reserving a coworking space is flexible and customizable.

For example, when you reserve a coworking space through Davinci Meeting Rooms, you have three different options to choose from: hot desks, private offices, or open office spaces. You can select the option that best suits your business’s budget and needs.


Let’s face it: hotel business centers aren’t always up to par — and the coffee can sometimes be downright awful. Coworking spaces are ideal for business travelers who need a temporary and convenient workspace with adequate amenities and equipment.

What makes these alternative workspaces so convenient for business travelers? For one thing, there is an abundance of coworking spaces around the world that are readily available. For another, reserving an hourly or daily workspace is quick and easy.


Scalability is a big advantage of a coworking space, especially when your company reaches a sudden growth spurt. Instead of having to search for a bigger office space to move to, or expanding across several floors of one building, you can simply reserve more desks in your coworking space.

This factor makes coworking spaces a highly lucrative choice for young companies that are in the early stages of growth.

Low Maintenance

Leasing an office space for your company comes with a certain amount of required maintenance: janitorial crews, security measures, monthly utility bills, the list can go on and on. 

You’re also responsible for stocking your office with the necessary equipment and business supplies to keep operations running smoothly, from printers to pens and paper. And don’t forget the furniture: desks, chairs, a table for the breakroom, or a sofa for the lobby.

In a coworking space, you’re not responsible for furnishing, cleaning, or maintaining the area. All you have to do is show up and work.

Amenities Galore

Modern-day coworking spaces are rigged with amenities and services galore. At Davinci Meeting Rooms, our coworking and meeting spaces are equipped with lightning-fast WiFi, presentation tools, and business services such as color printing, copying, faxing, shipping, and more.

In addition to the standard services of a coworking space, you also have the option to reserve a private meeting room by the hour, which lets you take advantage of our on-site catering services and professional lobby greeter. That way, you can make a professional impression during your most important business meetings.

Find the Perfect Coworking Space Today

As you can clearly see, the  advantages of a coworking space greatly outweigh the disadvantages of a coworking space. Find the perfect coworking space for you and your team with Davinci Meeting Rooms. Contact a Davinci business expert today, and we’ll help you find a prime location with the amenities and business services you need to thrive in an affordable, low-maintenance coworking space.


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