Working from Your Home Away from Home

There is no doubt that nearly everyone has benefited from the many advancements in technology. For example, the availability of instant information has lent itself to more progressive attitudes about more flexible working environments.

Company Benefits
It goes without saying that most everyone finds working from home and other locations to be a great benefit. The time and cost savings on commuting adds up enormously over time. Now that technology has made it possible to communicate on a 24/7 basis, business people like us can work from anywhere.

Get a Room
Working from home, as much as we like it - is not always feasible. Sometimes we need to take meetings or have extra tech conveniences handy. For example, LCD screens or projectors for presentations. Davinci has that covered and we can get a room as big as necessary. With full business services, prospective clients may not even realize that the space is not your permanent office.

In this day and age, nothing is really permanent anyway. The attitudes of business people have changed and they don’t spend too much time micro-scrutinizing. As long a everything looks Kosher, that’s all that matters.

Food and Beverage Catering
Speaking of Kosher, Davinci also offers food and beverage catering so that we don’t have to waste time chasing down a restaurant, getting there, standing in line, eating and then returning. Also, we don’t have to give the firm an interest free loan by paying for the meal and then waiting for reimbursements.

All of the amenities at meeting rooms can really go a long way - especially when we're out to impress prospective clients or firms. Meeting rooms also make it easier for us to meet staff from other offices and remote locations. We can choose convenient half-way points so that neither of us spends time sitting in annoying traffic.

These work spaces are also really useful as fabulous little hideaways to really get some serious work done without continual interruption. Today, more and more employers have finally realized the many benefits that working from home and remote locations can have for their company and employees.

In fact, technology has brought staff and clients together in ways that were just not even possible before. In fact, Davinci work spaces are really kind of like hotel rooms for business, for as long a time period as you may need.


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