Renting a Conference Room by the Hour [Industries That Benefit]

Changes seen in the business world over the past 18 months are unprecedented. The majority of the professional workforce shifted to work from home overnight, and many workers are still working from home. While some companies have switched to a 100% remote workforce, many are opting for a hybrid work environment. Some want the workers to return to a permanent workplace five days a week and eight hours a day, albeit with significant pushback from their workforce.

Virtual Workspace Will Resume Upward Growth Trajectory

Before the pandemic, virtual workspace was rapidly growing in numbers and use. And while the amount of virtual workspace that came online in 2020 and 2021 was certainly at a reduced rate, growth still occurred; and as the economy emerges from the pandemic and picks up steam in 2022, virtual workspace will regain its former momentum. 

When it comes to virtual workspace, rented conference rooms are an important component. Businesses of all shapes and sizes and industry segments can benefit from rented conference rooms—from solopreneurs and startups to large businesses with multiple locations. For most situations, rented meeting rooms offer businesses an immensely better option than coffee shops or hotel rooms. The former lack the privacy and professional tools required for a productive meeting, whereas the latter are more than twice the cost of a rented meeting room.

Rented Conference Room Use Cases and Industries

There are a number of use cases for rented conference rooms:

• Client meetings

• Staff meetings

• Board meetings

• Partner meetings

• Project collaboration

• Legal dispositions

• Employee training

• Client training

• Happy hours

• Workshops

Rented conference rooms benefit various industries. Following is a quick overview of the most prevalent segments.

Technology Startup

Technology startups often utilize virtual offices and workspaces, including coworking space, versus permanent workspace. The open confines of coworking space foster creativity and innovation that are attributed to technology companies. Rented conference rooms typically come with coworking space, which technology companies use for staff meetings, project collaboration, client meetings, and more. The professionalism of rented meeting rooms is particularly important in establishing a great first impression with prospects and clients. 

Multi-office Large Enterprises

Virtual workspace is not simply for startups and solopreneurs. Large businesses with multiple offices also can benefit from rented conference rooms. For some, they elect to use rented conference rooms that are closer in proximity to a subset of their workforce. This enables staff to avoid lengthy commutes in areas such as New York City, the San Francisco Bay Area, Northern Virginia, and other metropolitan areas that are congested and have a high cost of living that push workers to less-expensive suburbs and satellite communities. 

In other instances, large businesses utilize rented conference rooms for client and partner meetings in locations where they don’t have permanent office space. In addition to their professional appeal, rented meeting rooms come with presentation and collaboration tools, administrative assistance, lobby greeters, and more. 

Insurance Services

Insurance companies are another industry segment that benefits from rented conference rooms. Insurers need professional conference rooms for client meetings and workshops and training sessions. As insurers often utilize independent agents scattered across the country, the convenience to utilize a professional conference space in each of the locales where the insurer conducts business is a big plus. This affords insurers with flexibility and a cost-effective meeting option.

Financial Advisors and Accountants

Financial advisors and certified public accountants benefit from rented conference rooms for client meetings and training sessions. Rented conference rooms that come with a lobby greeter, professional address and location, administrative support, and other business services are a real plus—helping them make positive first impressions on their clients. 


Consultants need professional meeting space for client meetings, and rented conference rooms fit the bill. As consulting work typically is conducted in near proximity to client locations, having on-demand rented conference rooms for client meetings and staff collaboration is normally a top concern for many consulting firms.

Training Companies

Training—or learning and development—companies also find themselves working across the country and in places where they do not have a permanent office space. Rented meeting rooms offer a flexible, on-demand, inexpensive option for training sessions with clients. As rented meeting rooms are neutral and offsite for clients, they can be less threatening learning environment as opposed to a meeting room in a client’s office. 

Legal Services

Rented conference rooms are a perfect location for legal dispositions, mediation sessions, and other meetings where confidentiality is critical. These meetings also require a professional address and environment, in addition to business services like photocopying, faxing, and notarization, among others. 

Real Estate Professionals and Companies

The value of making a great first impression is also important for real estate professionals and companies. Clients put significant trust in their realtors and a professional address and office space are pivotal. Lobby greeters greet clients upon arrival and help them get oriented before a meeting occurs. Administrative services such as notarization, faxing, and photocopying enable realtors to focus on building relationships with their clients.

On-demand, Flexible Rented Conference Rooms

On-demand rented conference rooms offer businesses significant flexibility. They can be rented by the hour, half-day, or full day. Businesses no longer require permanent office space with conference rooms. Virtual workspace, including rented conference rooms, from providers like Davinci Meeting Rooms enable them to reduce cost, recruit and retain better talent, quickly and easily expand into new locations, impress clients and partners with highly professional space, and much more. 


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