Can a Private Meeting Room Rental Help You Be More Productive?

In-person events and meetings came to a screeching halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost overnight, everyone was working from their home offices and in-person meetings moved to Zoom, GoToMeeting, WebEx, and other video conferencing services. As most are vaccinated and the pandemic begins to wane, businesses and professionals are beginning to reengage for in-person meetings. 

There is no denying that businesses and professionals fared and performed much better in the 100% virtual world than anticipated. Rather than shirking their duties, the majority of workers actually logged more hours each day and week than when working from a fixed workspace—and their productivity actually increased. Meeting productivity, in general, also improved. 

Meetings in the Post-pandemic World

While a few companies believe they can return to pre-pandemic workspace arrangements where their workers drive each day to a fixed office location and sit eight hours a day in an assigned workspace, the majority are not attempting to shove that genie back into the bottle. Some are adopting 100% virtual work arrangement—eliminating permanent office space altogether. Most are embracing hybrid workplaces where workers spend some of their time from a fixed office location and the remainder of their time working from their home offices. 

Outside of a small minority, businesses and professionals recognize the value of in-person meetings. For example, a study by Forbes Insights finds that 85% of professionals indicate they build stronger, more meaningful business relationships during in-person meetings versus virtual meetings. A different study conducted by Harvard Business Review uncovered similar findings: 95% of professionals say in-person interactions are an important factor in successfully building and maintaining long-term business relationships.

Evaluating Private Meeting Room Options

When it comes to meeting rooms, a lot of different options exist. Permanent office space with meeting rooms is obviously a preferred choice for businesses and professionals with permanent offices. But these permanent office locations aren’t always in locations that garner the “right” first impression, aren’t the right size for the number of meeting attendees, and don’t have all of the right presentation and collaboration technologies. 

Coffee shops are a popular destination. But they often aren’t the best choice. They are noisy and lack the privacy most business meetings require. Sitting at a table for a lengthy period of time also is frowned upon by most coffee shops; one must order drinks and food throughout a business meeting to ensure the meeting isn’t interrupted or you are asked to disperse after a specified period of time. Coffee shops also lack the professional impression professionals and businesses want to impart on meeting attendees—from prospects, to clients, to partners, to employees. 

Hotel conference rooms are another possibility. But they have their disadvantages as well. Hotel conference rooms typically do not come with the presentation and collaboration tools professionals need to facilitate productive meetings. They also cost a lot. Studies show they are twice as expensive as rented meeting rooms. Hotel meeting rooms may not be in the most convenient for attendees. 

Rented meeting rooms—or private meeting rooms—are another possibility. These have various advantages over coffee shops or hotel meeting rooms. They are half the cost of hotel meeting rooms. They do not have the surrounding distractions of coffee shops and offer privacy to attendees. Private meeting rooms also come with lobby greeters and presentation and collaboration tools attendees need for productivity interactions. 

Using Private Meeting Rooms to Improve Productivity

Private meeting rooms are a great mechanism for professionals and businesses to improve their productivity. Following are reasons to use private meeting rooms:

Ideate and Find Solutions

Professionals can get into a rut working in the same environment—whether home offices or a coworking space. Private meetings rooms can stimulate ideation, creativity, and collaboration. Interactions between team members can be much more effective in private meeting rooms versus 30-minute meetings over video conferencing. 

Increase Focus

A private meeting room away from a home office, coworking space, or permanent workspace offers professionals time to focus on specific projects and to collaborate with specific team members. This is difficult to accomplish virtually and is made much easier via private meeting rooms.

Collaborate Better

A lot of professionals discovered it is possible to collaborate—and well—through virtual means. Private meeting rooms offer professionals and businesses an opportunity to bring together team members who are normally remote and don’t work with others from different locations. The informal interactions that occur in private meeting rooms before, during, and after actual meetings take place offer professionals a chance to create tighter bonds—professional and personal—with their colleagues. 

Get the Right Size and Location

Private meeting rooms come in different sizes and can be configured in different dimensions. Solutions like Davinci Meeting Rooms offer professionals and businesses the ability to find private meeting rooms in the right location and to select those with the size and dimensions that align with the number of meeting attendees. In these instances, you’re not placed in a situation where a meeting room is too small or large for the number of attendees slated to participate in a meeting. 

Include Virtual Attendees

Even before the pandemic, it wasn’t always easy to include virtual attendees in in-person meetings. The need to include virtual attendees as the business world eases out of the pandemic will be even greater. But it is virtually impossible to include virtual attendees when meeting in a coffee shop and quite difficult in the case of hotel meeting rooms. Private meeting rooms like Davinci Meeting Rooms come with the presentation and collaboration tools that make it easy to include virtual attendees. 

Exploring the Use Cases

Private meeting rooms offer professionals and businesses a number of use cases:

• Staff meetings

• Board meetings

• Partner meetings

• Project collaboration

• Legal dispositions 

• Training sessions

• Happy hours

• Workshops

The rise of hybrid work arrangements post-pandemic will increase the use of private meeting rooms such as Davinci Meeting Rooms. You can get started by exploring and booking over 5,000 meeting room locations today—either on your standard web browser or via a mobile app. 


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