The Power and Value of Showing Appreciation to Clients

Let’s face it, BCs and Serviced Workspaces are smack dab in the middle of the High-Hospitality industry -- and in fact it’s the highest of the High-Hospitality business models since it serves its clients for days, weeks, months and years on-end. This is not just for an hour, or a day or two here-and-there, such as what Hotels, Car Rental agencies, airlines, restaurants and even resorts like Disney do.

And with the territory of being the premier High-Hospitality industry comes the responsibility to show appreciation at any, and every turn. It’s more than just providing service -- more than fielding and fulfilling customer service requirements. ‘Hospitality’ requires initiating a friendly interaction. It’s pro-active, whereas customer service is re-active. It’s extending a helping hand or compliment, and not waiting for the client, guest, tenant, member or neighbor to initiate or be left hanging expecting it. And the centerpiece … the fuel that drives the engine of an ongoing, fruitful, professional, winning relationship at any business, and especially at a High-Hospitality business such as at a Business Center or Serviced Workspace -- is demonstrating appreciation.

It can’t be forced either. It needs to be genuine. Besides it simply being a requirement High-Hospitality industry, it needs to be part of the culture, and understood as the greatest way to retain clients and attract new ones. In other words, employees need to have an ‘appreciation’ for showing their clients and neighbors appreciation. It’s what makes them and the company stand out. An appreciated client is a happy client that dishes out free positive karma and promotional jolts for the business in powerful ways that attracts streams of leads that an Operator may never see directly but will sense through a constantly brimming sales funnel.

Showing appreciation is the currency for your clients to transform into being your invaluable unpaid sales ambassadors, that attract the best prospects and clients who in turn become additional sales ambassadors when they too feel the appreciation -- that they hit the jackpot by signing on with you, and laying down their hard-earned money by joining your space. Appreciation breeds loyalty plus client term longevity, as well as yielding an invaluable marketing bonus.

And here’s the neatest thing of all -- showing appreciation costs little or no extra effort or money. It’s about sincerity. It starts with the recognition, by all employees, of its value and power- but also requires seizing all opportunities to share an appreciative touch. It’s the simple warm smile and thank you that every employee on the team shows every client during every interface, meaning it’s grounded in the business’s culture, and representative of the ownership and management’s own High-Hospitality and hiring standards. It’s acknowledging any client’s personal and professional milestone. It’s a scheduled or impromptu chat over a cup of coffee that employees engage their clients in to shoot the breeze about anything pleasant. It’s not missing the chance to express appreciation with a holiday greeting, birthday or anniversary message and card.

Much-appreciated ‘appreciation’ comes, and can be dished out, in many forms, but it starts by first being committed to being a good neighbor -- because before any of them are our clients, tenants or members, since we work alongside of them, sometimes during as much as half of the hours that we are awake on this earth, -- they are our neighbors first and foremost, worthy of the power and magic of our expressions of appreciation.


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