Why Every Court Reporter Should Consider Using Meeting Rooms

There’s a growing trend in the court reporters world—leveraging meeting room space and virtual offices for handling depositions, arbitration and other legal meetings. Although you see most court reporters in an actual courtroom, more and more work is being accomplished outside the traditional legal settings, spurring the need for alternative workspace.

Indeed, meeting room providers across the board and around the country report an increasing demand for court reporters and other legal professionals that need a secure, professional venue to do business. Part of that is due to the growth of the legal industry itself.

Despite the growing reality of digitization in the legal industry, the demand for court reporters is not lagging. There are approximately 32,000 stenographic court reporters working as court reporters in the United States, according to the National Association of Court Reporters (NACR). Increased legal activity and new opportunities will drive demand despite the steady transition of some courts to digital recording, the organization reports.

At the same time, a new model called Legal Process Outsourcing is leading to the demand for more remote court reporting services. Finding subleased or temporary office space to provide court reporting and other legal services has been challenging due the special needs of this sector—and working from your home office is about as unprofessional as it gets in the legal industry. Meeting rooms provide space on demand to legal professionals without the high cost associated with fixed office contracts.

What’s more, office space with thin walls can compromise privacy. Court reporters demand secure work-space for private discussions without the red tape associated with long-term office contracts. To be sure, some legal matters are so sensitive an information leak could seriously impact the case.

On top of all this, with legal maneuvers in the world of fast-paced attorney collaboration, court reporters often need same-day meeting rooms and virtual office for emergency sessions. On demand meeting rooms and virtual office space can fulfill the need for a professional legal services setting.

Why Should Court REporters use Davinci Meeting Rooms?

Davinci Meeting Rooms Offers technology services that can enhance the arbitration experience, such as audio-visual aids. High-end meeting rooms offer court reporters and their clients video conferencing, Wi-Fi, LCD projectors and other tools that make it easier for stenographers to transcribe conversations. On the low-tech side but just as important, meeting rooms come equipped with speakerphones, white boards and refreshment services for long deposition, mediation and arbitration sessions.

Davinci makes it easy for you to secure your court reporter meeting space. You can instantly book the venues online, by the hour, half-day, or day. Check the inventory of over 5000 conference facilities around the world in an instant and reserve yours with just a few mouse clicks. But then again, saving time and energy should come naturally to someone familiar with a stenography machine, right?

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