Professional Meeting Rooms for Court Reporters

As a court reporter, you are well aware of the fast-paced world in which you operate. And while most of the work takes place inside the courtroom, you sometimes need to transcribe things in a remote, quiet environment. That's the very reason why Davinci's meeting rooms for court reporters are so popular. Having a comfortable environment with services and amenities that support your vital work can be a critical component of an efficient recording process.

Court Reporting Conference Rooms Amenities

It all starts with a convenient location that will serve as a neutral playing field for all parties. You'll have a greeter in the lobby to show you and any guests to the assigned room, a business center for copy, printing, and notary needs, and on-site food and beverage catering. During the proceedings, you can take advantage of state-of-the-art technologies such as audio/video recording and conferencing, lightning fast Wi-Fi, and LCD projectors - all of which will make it easier to transcribe the required conversations. Your court reporting services will also be complemented with on-site receptionists, secretarial, and concierge personnel, should you need them.

Book Your Meeting Room Today

Davinci makes it easy for you to secure your court reporter meeting space. You can instantly book the venues online, by the hour, half-day, or day. Check the inventory of over 20,000 conference facilities around the world in an instant and reserve yours with just a few mouse clicks. But then again, saving time and energy should come naturally to someone familiar with a stenography machine, right?

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