Customer Success Story – GlobeConsult, LLC

For this month’s customer success story, we bring you another satisfied Davinci Meeting Rooms customer – GlobeConsult LLC. They are an international business development consulting company that specializes in helping oil, gas, petrochemicals, power plants & many other sectors expand their presence internationally. Founded by Mancy Malek, GlobeConsult has over 25 years of experience in the international business environment, and a work history in Europe, Middle East & spanning all throughout the world, helping small & medium businesses expand internationally.

So when this growing company needed a small conference room to meet an international client, one that was also in a convenient location for both parties, Mancy ended up picking Davinci to provide this service after a friend of his found and recommended us. After contacting us, our helpful representative Lindsay A. helped narrow down the options based on what he was looking for. Mancy stated, “This was my first encounter with Davinci. They gave me several options and even made recommendations as to what would be good for me and my visitor.”

The location we ended up finding for Mancy was within perfect distance for both him and where his client was staying. Lindsay, Davinci’s representative, assisted further by giving a detailed rundown of what the place would be like and what can be expected. With this being his first time using the service, and wanting to make sure everything was as promised, Mancy went to the location to check it out a day before his meeting. We definitely understand his concern, and with a high profile client where you want to close the sale, you can’t take any chances. To his pleasant surprise, when Mancy checked out the meeting room space, it was everything that was promised, and more. Mancy recounts that visit, “I was impressed to find out that my reservation was available and the lady who met me was very aware of it. She showed me around and familiarized me with the premises”. The next day when he had his meeting, Mancy was guided by the same person that showed him around the day before, enabling him to be set for his meeting.

When his client arrived, he was ready to go, adding, “The room was very convenient, they had beverages available and the reception was once again very courteous and friendly”. Since Davinci strives to provide this level of service every time, we are not surprised by how happy this makes our meeting room renting clients. With over thousands of locations worldwide, we push hard to have every location give the best service to each of our clients, so that everything feels seamless. And when certain events happen to our clients that are out of their control, we work on fixing it to make things better. The only hiccup Mr. Malek had with his meeting was that it went over the time he initially scheduled, but he has this to add, “My meeting went beyond the time I requested, but I was never interrupted.” He let us know that he used the meeting space longer than planned, and we took care of acceptable overages while going over his billing. At the end of the day, Mancy was very pleased with how his first office renting experience went, and left this in our review, “It was a great experience and I will definitely continue to use the services of Davinci.”

Some of the other feedback we got from him in his review was that he loved the ease of reservation, the location was great, and so was the on-site staff. Mancy felt like he was given a sense of being very well taken care of and that his meeting was important to the entire Davinci team (which it was!). We appreciate the chance to work with Mr. Malek, and look forward to assisting him in the future with excellent meeting room rental options wherever his business takes him. Just as we received a satisfactory experience and a happy review from this client, we also strive to do the same for every one of our customers. When you need a meeting space that is convenient, professional and made for businesses of all kinds, make sure your story ends satisfactory by getting a meeting room from Davinci Meeting Rooms.

For more information about Globeconsult visit their website at www.globeconsult.co.

For more information about Davinci Meeting Rooms visit our website at www.davincimeetingrooms.com or call us at 1.877.424.9767


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