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The Flavor of Success in Belgium

If you've ever wondered whether Brussels sprouts first came from Brussels, Belgium, the short answer is yes, they probably did, and it's easy to find them in the city itself. Who wouldn't want to eat Brussels sprouts in Brussels itself? Of course, that is just one of the many foods Belgium is known for, along with Belgian waffles, Belgian chocolates, Read more

Zipping and Zagging to the Top in Denver

Your skis land with a muffled "whump!" as you drop down off the lift. The view up here is spectacular: the sun glitters in tiny rainbows off the snow, and the distant mountains form almost cathedral-like shapes. Maybe it's just the thin air, but for a moment you wonder if you might be in heaven. How is this possible just Read more

Four Smart and Simple Ways to Welcome a New Employee

A smart, qualified, and optimistic individual is reporting to your office tomorrow. You want to let them know they made the right decision by choosing to work for you. How you welcome a new employee could set the tone for a very long career. Here are four simple ways to get a new employee off on the right foot with Read more


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