Book a Meeting Room with Confidence [Meeting Room Checklist]

It’s a good problem to have: Your business is so large that you need to schedule meetings in different states and countries. So what are your options? Noisy public spaces or stale hotel conference rooms? Expensive and underutilized satellite offices? None of these are equipped with the technology and resources you need to make the right impression.

What if you could rent an office for a day, or book a meeting room or conference space for a short period of time, and have it come fully equipped to meet your unique needs? You’d save a lot of cash and make a stronger impression on your client. Well that is a possibility. Refer to our list below to book a meeting room that not only fits your specific needs but also helps you feel more confident with your decision to use virtual office solutions.

The Meeting Room Checklist

✓ Size. Depending on the type of meeting or work that needs to be accomplished, you can choose from a variety of large or small offices and rooms.

✓ Catering. It’s the little things that can make a meeting a great experience—like lunch for those on the run and coffee for early-morning gatherings.

✓ Location. With over 3,000 meeting rooms in over 950 locations (see a list here), you can find a room that is convenient for you and your clients.

✓  Clean. It’s simply a must. You can count on Davinci workspaces to be spotless.

✓  Presentation tools. You will have access to such equipment as smart boards, LCD projectors, plasma screens and many other tools and services.

✓  Audio/video conferencing. Each room is equipped with conference phones, HD video conferencing systems and other collaboration tools.

✓  On Demand. Easily reserve a meeting room as quickly and securely as you book a hotel room.

✓  Extended hours. If a meeting runs long that’s no problem. You can easily extend the rental time.

✓  Secretary. An onsite Davinci representative can make copies, print and fax documents, perform notary and transcription services, mail documents, ship items, provide office supplies and more.

✓  Wi-Fi. Our locations provide you with high-speed Internet to improve your meeting and conference experience.

✓  Greeter. Let a lobby receptionist welcome your clients to the office, provide assistance and make the right first impression.

Extend Your Control

Whether you’re renting an office or conference room in Alabama or the United Kingdom, you can confidently choose a cost-effective workspace that will work for you. With Davinci, you can be assured of delivering a precise meeting experience, every time, in every location.

Hoping next month’s meeting in Tokyo goes well? Uncross your fingers and learn more about Davinci Virtual Workspaces or book a meeting room today.


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