Where to Have a Business Meeting: What are the Options?

Business meetings come in many forms, depending on their main objective and audience. Some can be as small and as casual as two people having a quick debrief session on a high table, or they can be as grand as a full training session for a whole auditorium. 

Choosing the right meeting room is crucial and can be a key factor in how successful the meeting is. After all, having a room that is too small will make people feel uncomfortable and not focus on the content of the meeting. Having a room that is too big can also backfire and feel like the meeting is a waste of time since not many people seem to have shown up. 

Here is an overview of the options that are available to your meetings, so you can choose whichever fits your needs best. 

Training rooms

Training rooms should be able to fit up to 20 people, although a great idea is not to fill them up to capacity but instead limit attendance to 16 people. These meeting rooms are perfect for soft-skills training, IT-based training, or for board meetings and presentations. 

The main things that must be present at a suitable training room are comfortable chairs, ability to control lighting levels, natural light, access to a break room, and presentation equipment such as screens, projectors, etc. 

Conference rooms

Conference rooms also come in various sizes. For meetings with people from different departments and levels there are large rooms. Conference rooms can also be very small and cozy so people can feel comfortable enough to share ideas in a brainstorming session. 

No matter what kind of meeting you plan on having, there surely is an ideal meeting room for you and your team.  

Seminar rooms

The idea of a seminar is to engage with ideas in depth. This can be done in a formal academic setting such as a symposium with a panel discussion, or this can be as relaxed and laid back as having a few drinks in a cozy living room. 

These are just a few examples of the kinds of spaces available for your meetings, so next time you need to plan one you can fall back on this knowledge and select the perfect space!


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