What is a Meeting Room Rental and Other Frequently Asked Questions

Conference and meeting room rental services are a great option for both small businesses and large corporations. If you’re in need of a space to host a professional meeting, Davinci Virtual has just the services for you. These affordable meeting room rental options are provided at low hourly rates and are available to reserve through a comprehensive, online meeting room booking system that is mobile friendly on both Android and Apple devices. Additionally, the onsite staff provides a list of amenities ranging from plasma screens to mailing or shipping.

Here are ten frequently asked questions you might have before making your meeting room rental reservation:

  1. Will I need to bring audio/visual equipment?

    Davinci’s meeting rooms rentals can provide all of the equipment that you will need during your time in our meeting rooms. While you are making your reservation in our meeting room booking system, there will be a list of technology services we can provide. At that time, be sure to specify the equipment you will require.

  1. Will I need to set up any of the equipment or amenities I ordered in the reservation process?

    No, you will not need to plan for time to set up any amenities you requested. The onsite staff will be there to ensure the meeting room is set up with the amenities you requested as well as any other services you specified in our meeting room booking system. 

  1. Does Davinci Virtual offer meeting room rental services internationally?

    Davinci Virtual has over 3,000 meeting spaces both stateside and internationally. If you do business overseas, it’s likely we have a space in close proximity to the big cities you are traveling to. Some of our international meeting room rental locations include:

  • Hong Kong
  • Korea
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Spain
  • Mexico
  • England
  • South Africa
  • Australia
  • Indonesia
  1. Does it cost money to have a Davinci Virtual account?

    To reserve a space in our meeting room booking system, you will need to create a Davinci Virtual account first. But, don’t be afraid of hidden account fees. There is no cost associated with creating an account. You will only be charged for meeting room rental reservations and services used.

  1. Is it ok to use your address on my website?

    You cannot use our meeting space addresses on your website. Though our Virtual Office package does offer a service that provides you with a location address to use as your business address. With this service, you can use our address on your website, business cards, local listings, etc. To learn more about Davinci’s Virtual Office package, visit davincivirtual.com.

  1. Can Davinci meeting room rentals be used for other events?

    Davinci meeting and conference rooms for rent are only to be used for business meetings. We do not allow our space to be used for personal events such as showers, birthdays, parties, etc. This helps us maintain the professional business atmosphere we proudly offer all of our customers.

  1. Will there be someone to greet my client?

    All Davinci Virtual meeting spaces have onsite staff that provide front-desk, greeting services. This ensures that your clients will know they are in the right place and be guided to the space they are looking for—helping maintain a high-level of professionalism your business conveys. This onsite staff will also be your resource for any copying, printing, and other services you might need during your time in the meeting space.

  1. Can I pay for my rental when I arrive?

    In order to complete your reservation and properly hold your room, you will need to pay in full through our online meeting room booking system. Unfortunately, we do not accept payment at any of our locations. 

  1. What if my meeting extends past my original reservation time? And what if I need additional services that I didn’t originally plan for?

    As long as we don’t have another guest reserved to use the space, you are welcome to stay as long as you need (within the location’s business hours). The Davinci onsite staff can track your additional time and will properly update the booking system. This is also the case for any services you might need that you did not originally reserve such as copying, printing, mailing, shipping, catering, etc.

  2.  How much notice is required for booking?

    Most of our meeting room rentals do not require notice for booking but are handled on a first-come-first-served basis. In many cases, we can fulfill same-day booking. However, there are some locations that do have notice requirements ranging anywhere from a day to a week—this depends on the location. Please contact us to find out if the meeting room rental you would like to book requires this type of notice. You can call us at 1-877-424-9767, email us at support@davincimeetingrooms.com, or chat with a live Davinci agent at our website. 

Find more answers to your meeting room rental questions by visiting DavinciMeetingRooms.com today.




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