Using Day Offices to Optimize Summer Travel

Always On, Even During the Summer

Summer always brings much travel—both professional and personal. And for solopreneurs and small businesses, work never stops, regardless of whether you’re traveling for work or leisure. Indeed, 40 percent of small business owners indicate they’re “always on.” Yet, almost the same percentage indicate they take 16 days of vacation each year. All of this adds up to a lot of time outside the office or your typical workspace.

You likely already have plenty of challenges on your plate. Introduce the complexities and distractions that come with travel, and time becomes a precious commodity when you’re traveling, and optimizing the time you spend working is crucial. You also need all of the business tools and services that you have in your “home” office at your fingertips, not to mention a distraction-free environment that allows you to focus on what is important.

Day Offices Make Your Work Time Count

But the reality is the majority of the work takes place between flights and meetings, at airports, noisy coffee shops, and cramped and uncomfortable hotel rooms. These are the last places you want to be when compiling a winning business proposal, preparing or your next client meeting, or writing or designing content. These also don’t come with the on-demand business tools and services you have in your home office. You end up spending valuable time waiting on subpar Internet connections, searching for fax, mail, photocopy, and other services, and trying to concentrate through disruptive background noise and interruptions (from housekeeping in hotels to loud conversations in coffee shops).

Growing numbers of solopreneurs and business owners are turning to rented day offices when traveling (or even as their permanent offices in some cases). These day offices help improve work-life balance while enabling you to focus on what is important—you and your business. And as often is the case, meetings with employees, partners, and customers pop up during business and personal travel. If it’s just a one-on-one meeting, a day office is a perfect location, lacking the interruptions and absence of privacy of a coffee shop, but including the business tools and services you may need. And with conference rooms also an option in most rented meeting space facilities with day offices, you can seamlessly add one.

The following are a few reasons to use a day office during your summer travel:

  • Traveling on business and a professional workspace to prepare for client meetings, write and design presentations, or churn through business-critical projects.
  • One-one-one meeting with another employee free from distractions and interruptions as well as in a private-confidential setting.
  • Client or prospect meeting—from a one-on-one meeting in a day office to a larger group meeting in a conference room—in a professional office setting with the business tools and services needed to ensure it is a success.
  • On vacation with the family and need a quiet workspace with business tools and services to focus on addressing a business-critical work issue.

Davinci Meeting Rooms as Your Summer Travel Enabler

Davinci Meeting Rooms offer solopreneurs and business leaders over 4,500 meeting and workspaces in 500-plus cities located in more than 40 countries. Day offices are an important component in our meeting room inventory; one-quarter of our bookings are for day offices.

Day offices—or meeting rooms in general—can be booked directly from the Davinci Meeting Rooms website. Customers can search for and view meeting room options. This includes the ability to compare different meeting room space and include business tools and services with the reservation. In the event they need assistance, they can engage with a Davinci Meeting Rooms Planner via phone, live web chat, or email.

DAVINCI MOBILE App for the On-the-Go Professional

Recognizing that many customers are mobile and increasingly use their smartphones for many business tasks, Davinci developed an iOS and Android mobile app called DAVINCI MEET that allows customers to search for and book conference rooms, day offices, and accompanying business services in a few swipes and taps on their smartphone. Specifically, customers can compare different meetings rooms by looking at photos and locations and add business services such as LCD projectors, video conferencing, wireless Internet access, catering options, and secretarial support.


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