Latest Trends in Choosing Corporate Event Venues

When planning a corporate event such as a training, a board meeting, the launch of a new product, or a conference, booking a great venue has to be one of your top priorities. The venue is so important that some of the people who come to the event will choose to attend just because of it! Of course the location you can choose will depend on the budget you are working with, but in today’s global economy you don’t have to break the bank to get the perfect place. 

Here are the latest trends to keep in mind when choosing a corporate event venue:

Choosing a venue in line with company’s ideals

Imagine having an AA meeting at a bar, or a personal finance conference in a casino. While these are extreme examples, the point is that the venue you choose should embody what your company stands for. If your company is all about being on the cutting edge of technology, you'll want to have your corporate event at an ultramodern venue. Not only should the venue reflect your company’s ideals but also reinforce the purpose of the event.

Excellent Service

Make sure to keep your guests’ expectations in mind when planning your event. This means having your event catered with snacks, drinks or even a full meal. 

Virtual Events

Thanks to the power of the internet you are now able to host great events in a virtual environment, whether all attendees log into a virtual conference or there is a mix of in-person and virtual attendees. When choosing a venue for a virtual event it needs to happen at a place that at minimum has a high speed internet connection so your live-stream doesn’t lag. It should also be held in a professional environment where noise and distractions are kept to a minimum,  which leaves your favorite coffee shop out of the equation. 

Tech Focused Venues

Technology in venues has come a long way. From greeting robots to AI concierges technology is among and around us. This is why the venue you choose should be fully equipped with the latest presentation technologies such as HD LCD projectors and screens, smart boards, etc. Otherwise your company will seem like it is falling behind. 

Multiple Spaces for Multi-Day Events

When planning a multi-day event such as a corporate training or a big conference, it will work wonders for you if you book different spaces for each day of the event. These days it is very easy to book conference rooms all over the world almost instantly, so why not take advantage of this and book a few different conference rooms in your city. This will combat the monotony of being in the same place for three days straight. 


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