Top 5 Business Trip and Meeting Destinations

When selecting a location for a meeting or business trip, the ideal destination will have the right mix of infrastructure, business opportunities and leisure options. To help make the decision simpler, we've collected five of the most visited cities for business travel.

5 most visited cities for business travel

These destination cities are known for their thriving business sectors, excellent technology and infrastructure and world-class hotels and meeting facilities. 

New York City

It should come as no surprise that the Big Apple is one of the most visited cities in the world for business travel. With its iconic skyline and bustling financial district, New York is home to some of the largest corporations and investment banks in the world. It's also a central hub for media, fashion and tech, making it a popular destination for entrepreneurs and business owners to network and make connections across industries. 

The city that never sleeps is also renowned for its excellent underground transportation network along with multiple airports, trains and buses. New York offers top hotels with luxurious accommodations and amenities for business travelers.


This international hub has a bustling business and finance sector in the city core, which attracts millions of entrepreneurs and small business owners each year. Many prestigious companies are based in London, making it an ideal location to plan business meetings, conferences and networking events. 

When not working, London's interconnected transportation network makes it easy to visit world-famous historical sights and attractions such as Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London or the British Museum. 

Hong Kong

As one of the leading financial centers in Asia, Hong Kong is a fabulous destination for business travelers. With a thriving stock exchange and numerous international banks, Hong Kong is a top choice for those working in logistics, commerce and trade. 

The densely populated city has streets and business communities that reflect a vibrant and unique blend of cultures. There are several international hotels as well as many world-class meeting spaces, such as the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. 


Tokyo is another one of the most visited cities for business travel, and for good reason. This modern capital city has cutting-edge technology, an extensive public transportation system and rich cultural heritage characterized by a strong work ethic and dedication to excellence. 

Numerous Fortune 500 company headquarters are located in Tokyo, and the city's business culture is focused on teamwork and collaboration. Here you'll find world-class meeting spaces and a unique blend of tradition, history and innovation.


In recent years, Singapore has become a popular destination for business travelers. The small, ultra-modern city-state is a center of international commerce, home to numerous global corporations and startups and a hub for trade and finance. 

Known for its business-friendly environment, Singapore's government is committed to attracting foreign investment and supporting entrepreneurship with a range of initiatives promoting research and development. Singapore's strategic location in Southeast Asia is also an advantage when planning business meetings since it's well-connected with direct flights to and from major cities around the world. 

With unique blends of tradition, culture and innovation, along with high-end accommodations and attractions, it's no wonder why these five destinations are some of the most visited cities for business travel.


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