8 Tips on How to Run a Leadership Meeting

A leadership meeting is a recurring event, typically a weekly event, where senior leadership or managers share important information about the company, and based on that they make the necessary decisions that will steer the company towards achieving the intended results. 

Due to the importance of these leadership meetings, it is vital that they are as productive as possible, and as the person responsible for running these events you can definitely have a great impact on the success of these meetings. 

Here are 8 tips on how to run a leadership meeting:

1. Share agenda in advance

Sharing the meeting agenda at least 24 hours before the meeting is a great way to ensure that everybody shows up prepared. It also makes it easy for people to add a talking point they would like to discuss. This is a great way to keep the meetings productive and on topic.  

2. Select the right location

The importance of a recurring leadership meeting makes choosing the right location a necessity. It is a great idea to choose an adequate meeting room that can accommodate all attendees. Another thing to think about is if the equipment required for this meeting, such as projectors, screens, high-speed internet, etc, are present in the room you choose. 

3. Start with a check-in

It is a great idea to start the meeting with a quick update from each department leader. This should be a quick update, preferably a positive one, where each leader lets everybody else know what’s the latest from their department. The goal is to make everybody feel more like part of the whole instead of feeling compartmentalized. 

4. Review KPIs and Goals

This is the most important part of the leadership meeting and so most of the time should be devoted to reviewing key performance indicators for each department as well as linking those with the company’s goals. This is also a great time to review the KPIs themselves, this ensures that you are really tracking what is currently relevant. 

5. Highlight good news

To boost morale and to celebrate what should be celebrated it is a great idea to let each leader share their biggest win of the week. 

6. Define obstacles, difficulties, and challenges

Having so many different, highly qualified and capable people in the same room can be a fantastic opportunity to brainstorm solutions for current obstacles, difficulties, and challenges that your company is facing. So make sure to take advantage of this by allowing some time to discuss the most pressing matters. 

7. Take Notes

Taking notes and sharing them with all the attendees is crucial because it creates a single reference that is accepted as true. This is a great thing to have as it facilitates communication and cooperation between departments. 

8. Ask for Feedback

The only way to keep improving the leadership meeting is to ask attendees for their feedback. You can use a simple rating system so you know what areas you can improve on. 


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