The Top 10 Benefits of a Meeting Room Rental

As a small business owner, it’s important to distinguish yourself among the competition. With meeting room rentals, you can stand out by obtaining all the tools that the big guys use without creating huge overhead costs. Having a meeting room rental space creates a strong business presence in any location with the amenities your customers would only expect from larger corporations.

Is it better to rent or buy office space?

Renting meeting rooms, as opposed to leasing or buying, allows you to project the image you want for your brand without breaking the bank. Leasing or buying a permanent office space can limit your availability to customers and clients, and organizations can end up spending a fortune to set up their office in a prime location. 

What to look for when renting an office?

Before you rent an office space, consider making a list of your priorities. Some questions to ask yourself prior to choosing a meeting room rental might be:

• How much space do I need?

• What’s my budget?

• Do I want a lobby greeter?

• What amenities do I need in the room for a successful meeting?

• How easily accessible is the meeting room rental to my clients?

With over 3,000 locations around the world, and with rooms starting at just $10, Davinci Meeting Rooms makes it easy to find a rental office space that is customizable to your business needs and here are just ten benefits of renting meeting room rental spaces to assist in your business operations:

1. Location convenience

The convenience of being able to choose your location,or rent a meeting space for only the hours or days that you need it, means you can meet your client base anywhere. With thousands rental locations in all major cities across the globe, you make yourself available to any customer wherever and whenever you need it.

2. Easily book via phone, online, or through our app 

Booking a meeting room doesn’t have to be a pain. Davinci Meeting Rooms has streamlined the process so you can quickly and effortlessly book a meeting room in multiple environments. Now you can easily reserve the space you need on the phone, online, or through our free apps on iTunes and Google Play. Whether you are at home, at work, or on the go, a state-of-the-art meeting room booking system is at your fingertips.

3. Reserve less expensive and more advanced spaces than hotel meeting rooms

Paying for a monthly lease can add up, but those expenses can easily be avoided. That’s why many organizations rent their meeting rooms at hotels or through meeting room rental companies. However, renting the space you need through a company that specializes in meeting and conference space costs up to 50% less than hotel meeting rooms. Not only does it cost less, the rooms are more advanced and suitable for your business needs. Equipped with everything you could ever need for a meeting or conference, you get more for half the price.

4. Receive access to advanced amenities

There is more to meeting room rental space than saving money. If rented through Davinci, you can have access to all the amenities you could ever need to make a great impression and help your conference or meeting run smoothly. Tools such as smart boards, LCD projectors, plasma screens, and much more are there for your convenience.

5. Have lobby greeters available to assist clients

When your customers arrive at a professional location dedicated to providing excellent meeting spaces, they will be greeted by friendly lobby receptionists that can offer concierge services and assistance in finding your reserved room. This assistance allows everyone to arrive without hassle, so your clients leave happy.

6. Enjoy a professional meeting room set-up

Unlike unprofessional public settings and expensive hotel meeting rooms, Davinci meeting and conference rooms set the tone you want in order to conduct business. Each room is set up for your needs, with high-tech presentation tools, wireless hi-speed Internet, and on-site receptionists. You can proceed with your meeting with confidence knowing that your meeting room office space has taken care of the details.

7. Offer catering to your clients

On top of all the other amenities available at Davinci Meeting Room locations, there are catering services available as well. Surprise your guests with a vast array of food and beverages to let them know that your business is there to take care of them. Catering at a meeting shows appreciation, and can signify that something special is happening. Your client will likely recognize your extra effort, and start your meeting and connection on a positive note.

8. Reduce overhead operating costs

While renting instead of leasing or buying an office space immediately saves your business money, you can save in a lot of ways that may not immediately come to mind. With all the services provided with your meeting room rental space, there is no need to purchase presentation tools, conferencing equipment, or a staff member to assist you, sparing you the unseen operating costs of conducting a meeting.

9. Broaden your business’s availability

Breaking away from the traditional permanent workspace can broaden your availability to clients, as well. Davinci Meeting Rooms has 3,000 locations in both U.S and international cities, making it easier than ever to bring your business to new customers, resulting in not only a larger customer base, but also increased revenue.

10. Obtain top-notch audio and video conferencing

If you are unable to travel to meet with customers long-distance, have no fear. Meeting room rentals are outfitted with the latest audio and video conferencing systems with clear sound and HD video, so you can project the professional image you want, even from afar.

Take advantage of the benefits a meeting room rental can offer your small business by contacting Davinci Meeting Rooms today.



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