The Benefits of a Meeting Package

While Skype, Zoom, virtual reality and other platforms have made it possible for people to connect across wide distances, businesses still recognize the value of in-person meetings.

For example, studies have shown nonverbal cues have more than four times the impact on first impressions than any spoken communication.

Citing factors such as being able to read body language, make an impression and other nuances not easily transferred over a screen, companies of all sizes schedule meetings on a regular basis to brainstorm, build relationships and connect in person with clients, coworkers and stakeholders.

Organizations that work with distributed teams often find it highly beneficial to meet on a regular basis with team members who work remotely or are based in other locations. Meetings are often held off-site, allowing companies to take advantage of the privacy and myriad benefits of meeting in a third-party location presents. Some firms may rotate venues to different regions to ease the travel burden for participants.

Rather than have to research and coordinate with multiple hotels and other sites, companies with frequent meeting needs can save time, money and energy by opting for a meeting package with a single provider. In addition to a broad range of one-off meeting venues across the country, Davinci Virtual Offices offers discounts and other perks for frequent users who choose a meeting package.

When trying to determine whether a meeting package meets their needs, organizations should consider:

1. Affordability.

In many markets, demand is outpacing supply of office space, forcing up rents and the cost of owning or leasing conference rooms. Davinci estimates an average 400-square-foot office can cost $35 per square foot, or $20,000 a year. One-time setup of furniture and technology can run an additional $1,000, with business services such as Wi-Fi, printing and utilities additional.

Booking a meeting through a hotel can be an equally expensive proposition, requiring minimums for food and beverage service in addition to room rental fees, and additional charges for services and meeting supplies.

Therefore, renting on an as-needed basis, even if it’s numerous times per month, is usually a more cost-effective option. Providers such as DaVinci can offer attractive discounts on hourly rates for frequent users. With package rates starting as low as 10 hours a month at Davinci, scheduling just two meetings a month is often enough to yield significant savings.

2. Selection and customization.

Virtual office providers like Davinci offer access to many selections within a single city or across the globe, allowing meeting planners to choose the exact size space and location to meet their needs.

3. Convenience.

Working with a single source of meeting rooms such as Davinci means that organizing multiple meetings a month or year is streamlined and simplified, even when booking different locations and office types. Users can search, book, pay and order supplies and services from a single platform, saving precious time.

4. Support.

By purchasing a meeting package, customers have access to a team of meeting planners available to help with arrangements via a phone call or chat. Onsite technical assistance and administrative support can also be arranged.

5. Professional setting.

To avoid surprise when booking an unknown location, ad hoc meeting planning means having to conduct due diligence on each potential venue. Committing to a package with a single provider such as Davinci means a single point of contact ensures each meeting room option is a professional business center equipped with up-to-date technology and business services.

6. Technology and tools.

Hotels and offices may not have the latest technology available or in full operation. However, choosing a package with a meeting room provider assures users they can get high speed Internet, digital tools such as smart boards, LCD projectors, plasma screens, conference phones and HD video conference system. Professional business centers typically will have options such as white boards, easels, pin boards and other analog tools preferred by many users.

7. Personal greeter.

Most meeting guests appreciate the personal touch a greeter provides when arriving onsite, particularly when it’s unfamiliar setting. In fact, in an era where the amount of onscreen and virtual text and communication continues to climb, a receptionist may be considered an organization’s most important amenity. Research reports people only have seven seconds to make a first impression, making a positive initial encounter one of the most important elements of the guest experience.

8. Flexibility.

While meeting room packages typically include a set number of meeting room hours, in most cases customers have an option of extending reservation times or adding additional services, which may not always be an option with other meeting location options.


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