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9 Meeting Facilitation Best Practices

Time is a commodity no enterprise can afford to waste. Yet, a staggering statistic emerges from the corporate world: A study in Harvard Business Review highlights that a high percentage of meetings are unproductive, with employees citing them as the number-one waste of time at work. This alarming trend underscores the crucial importance of mastering meeting facilitation best practices. 

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3 Scenarios When You Need to Actually Meet In Person vs Virtually

For most small business owners, meetings are an integral part of daily operations. Virtual meetings have become standard practice due to remote working, convenience and cost. This has made many people wonder if meeting in person is necessary and if it is, when do we actually need to meet in person vs virtually? 

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The Complete Guide to Where to Sit in a Meeting Room

A business meeting isn’t always an easy social situation to navigate. Depending on who you’re meeting with, and the purpose of the meeting, there can be a level of tension and awkwardness in the air. Even if there’s not at first, it’s possible to create some if you sit in the wrong place. In other words, where you sit matters, Read more

What You Should Include in a Meeting Agenda

An agenda can be thought of as a meeting plan. It’s an overview of the topics that will be discussed and in what order. A meeting agenda can follow a formal format or it can be very simple, depending on the meeting’s purpose and the needs of your business or team. For example the agendas of a board meeting, seminar, Read more

Why Meetings Fail and how to Get Them Back on Track

Ever feel that some meetings seem like a waste of time? You are not alone. Meetings tend to take up a significant portion of our work days; and more often than not people feel like meetings didn’t accomplish anything. Not only can this be frustrating, but it also takes up time that could be spent productively in other tasks or Read more


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