10 Reasons to Consider a Conference Room Rental for Your Next Business Meeting

While the current state of affairs in the COVID-19 business world dictates virtual meetings and video conferencing, face-to-face business meetings will return. When business returns to normal and face-to-face meetings are once again possible, rekindling business relationships is going to be critical. The location for these meetings can be the difference between a productive, results-oriented meeting and one that is unproductive and considered a waste of time.

Data shows that face-to-face meetings are critical: 95% of business professionals indicate they are key to building long-term relationships. Possible scenarios include:

  • Day offices and meeting rooms for remote employees when they are traveling
  • Local employees who live a long commute distance from your office and need an office location with day offices, coworking, and meeting rooms closer to their residence
  • Local employees who work periodically from home offices need day offices, coworking space, and conference rooms for internal and external collaboration sessions
  • For businesses without a permanent office space or have offices that aren’t conducive for meetings, they need a professional conference room space for client meetings and prospect meetings. In these instances, industries vary—from legal professionals who need meeting space for depositions, mediations, and more, to healthcare professionals seeking a meeting space outside of their clinics, to consultants who need to meet with clients for business development and project planning sessions.

Following are some of the reasons entrepreneurs and businesses should rent conference rooms for meetings once COVID-19 is behind us:

  1. First Impressions.

    First impressions count, and the location of an initial meeting forms an indelible imprint that is very difficult to change once it has been formed. Professional rented conference rooms are in locations that create positive impressions—versus local coffee shop that lack privacy and have frequent disruptions.


  1. Rented conference rooms are less expensive.

    As much as half—and more advanced than hotel meeting rooms—offering video and audio-conferencing capabilities, presentation tools, and more. And in the case of businesses that switch from permanent office space to a virtual office, the savings can be dramatic (typically comes with a switch to day offices, coworking space, or both that includes rented conference room options.


  1. Convenient Location.

    Most municipalities have rented conference rooms in numerous locations, enabling entrepreneurs and businesses to select a location that is most convenient for the participants. And for meetings out of town, rented conference space makes the scheduling and hosting of a meeting a snap.


  1. Easy Booking.

     Booking a hotel conference room can be difficult. Typically, it is almost impossible to vet the conference room without going on site, and reaching the right person and manually reserving and paying for it can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience. Rented conference space is easy to evaluate, with many such as Davinci Meeting Rooms enabling customers to view photos and even video of the space, review checklists of what comes with the conference room, and more. And in the case of Davinci, customers have the flexibility to review and book rooms directly using a mobile app on their smartphone (iTunes, Google Play).


  1. Professional Lobby Greeter.

    When attendees arrive for a meeting in a rented conference room—whether customers, partners, or clients—they are greeted by a friendly lobby greeter who can offer concierge services and assistance in finding the conference room, break room, restrooms, and more. In the case of hotel conference rooms, attendees must locate the space themselves or flag down a bellboy for direction.


  1. Professional Presentation Tools.

    Unlike hotel rooms that, at best, come with limited presentation supplies, rented conference spaces have state-of-the-art presentation tools such as smart boards, flip charts, high-speed internet access, and more.


  1. Professional Meeting Setup.

    Setup of a hotel meeting room is on the customer, and no setup is possible in the case of a coffee shop. But in the case of rented conference room space, the provider of the meeting space will configure the conference room to match the tone you want to set for business.


  1. Catering.

    In addition to the other amenities that come with a rented conference room, you have the option to include catering—from simple refreshments to meals for working luncheons or dinners.


  1. Audio and Video Conferencing.

    Not everyone can always attend a meeting in person, and this is where audio and video conferencing is critical. State-of-the-art capabilities are needed in order to ensure that virtual attendees engage with the broader group of meeting attendees.


  1. Business Services.

    In some cases, presenters and meeting attendees need administrative support and business services—ranging from sending faxes, to mailing packages, to collating materials. These options don’t exist with hotels and coffee shops, but they do in the case of rented conference rooms.


Join the hundreds of thousands of customers globally that have experienced the value of rented meeting spaces by checking out one on Davinci Meeting Rooms today.


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