How to Pick the Right Temporary Office to Fit Your Needs

Solopreneurs and small businesses are learning that permanent office space is no longer a requisite. They can use virtual address solutions to secure professional locations, for both their headquarters office as well as regional offices, that convey the right brand image.

When they need day offices, coworking spaces, and conference rooms, solopreneurs and small businesses can simply use temporary rented space. Though other use cases could be cited, the following are the more prevalent:

  1. Office time.

    Working in an office setting affords solopreneurs and small business professionals with a chance to interact with other like-minded solopreneurs and small business professionals. This stimulates collaborative thinking and helps users to focus their attention on work-related tasks. Coworking spaces are great fits in these scenarios, though day offices can be the right choice in some cases. They also come with other services such as dog walking, on-site message therapists, upscale lounges, and other perks.
  2. Business meetings.

    Whether an important meeting with prospects or clients, a business discussion with a strategic partner, an internal team meeting, training session, or seminar, rented meeting room space is a great option.
  3. Office space while traveling.

    When small businesses expand into new locations or professionals travel on business, they often require data offices or coworking space.
  4. Interviews.

    For small businesses without permanent office space, a day office or conference room provides you with a quiet, professional setting to conduct interviews.
  5. Dispositions.

    For legal professionals, a day office or conference room is a must when you’re trying to capture dispositions from witnesses and others.

But there are a lot of different options when it comes time to vetting temporary office space.  Following are some of the things to consider:

  1. First impressions count.

    For instances where meetings with clients, partners, or even employees are involved, first impressions count. Thus, you need to look for rented meeting spaces in upscale, professional office centers. Once perceptions have been shaped by a sub-par location, it is almost impossible to reverse them.
  2. Fast and easy.

    It must be fast and easy to search for and book your temporary office space (in a matter of minutes). Online self-service transactions with a 360-degree view of each conference room are required. But you also need to make sure that human customer service is available in the form of live web chat and phone in case you encounter problems.
  3. Mobile apps.

    With many business professionals increasingly relying on their mobile devices to conduct business, this means you need to look for solution with iOS and Android apps that enable you to search for, book, and manage your meeting rooms in a matter of a tap and swipe.
  4. Reach.

    As your business grows, you require a temporary office solution that will scale to accommodate your expansion. The network must have office space in locations not only in the United States, but across global locations.
  5. Flexibility.

    As temporary office needs vary based on business requirements, you should look for solutions with flexible pricing options—hourly, half-day, daily, weekly, and monthly.
  6. Lobby greeter.

    Lobby greeters are particularly important when hosting clients or partners. But they also are vital for employee meetings. They can make sure meeting attendees are directed to the right conference room, briefed on office accouterments, and available to provide administrative support.
  7. Technology capabilities.

    Your temporary office space needs to come with tech that enable work efficiency and collaboration for your needs. Technology capabilities include items such as wireless connectivity, LCD monitors and projectors, smart-boards, and audio/video conferencing.
  8. Catering.

     While not every meeting requires food and beverage, some do. In these instances, you want catering options included as part of your temporary office solution.

One of the most exciting things about temporary office space is that it erases the gap between small businesses and enterprises. Yet, if you choose the wrong temporary office provider, you can find yourself expending valuable time managing the office space, facing inflexible pricing options, and lacking office space in certain business locations. Choose Davinci Meeting Rooms and get started today! 


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