Mobile Apps for Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs Who Are On the Go

Challenges of Summer Travel

Professional and personal travel always increases during the summer months. Yet while you’re on the road or taking some much needed rest and relaxation, your business doesn’t take a break. You still need to manage your communications—from call routing to voicemail, you still need to schedule meetings,book conference rooms, and you still need to find and book a day office so that you can get some focused work done.

Getting your laptop out or logging onto the Internet from a hotel workstation takes away valuable time. Plus, for most on-the-go professionals, you don’t have time to stop and do so.

Mobile Is the Answer

But then there is your smartphone. It makes a lot of sense. We spend an average of 174 minutes on them every day, doing everything from basic communications (email, instant messaging, etc.), to informational searches, to shopping, to various business tasks. Indeed, more time is now spent online on smartphones than desktops and laptops, and the discrepancy will only continue to grow with annual mobile utilization expanding at more than 75% each year.

Mobile isn’t simply a B2C phenomenon. Consider several trends:

  • 75% of B2B tech buyers rely on mobile search and ads
  • Nearly half of B2B users are influenced by social media, with much of this done over their smartphones
  • 16% of visits to B2B e-commerce sites are from mobile devices, accounting for almost 20% of all digital commerce revenue

What’s also interesting is that 90% of customer time is spent using mobile apps. Why is it critical for a business to use mobile apps?

  • Customers have a much better digital experience over traditional websites
  • Mobile app adoption is much “stickier” than websites
  • New products and services as well as information can be promoted to customers via push notifications, an immensely more effective communications channel as compared to email or instant messaging
  • Customer service can be delivered within a highly intuitive, feature-rich environment
  • Better end-user experiences in terms of speed as well as ease of use

Davinci Mobile Apps for Customers

Recognizing a majority of our customers want the option to engage with us on their smartphones and through a dedicated mobile app, we elected several years ago to develop three mobile apps.

The first mobile app that we rolled out was DAVINCI MEET. Available on iOS and Android devices and part of Davinci Meeting Rooms, our customers can search for and book conference rooms, day offices, and accompanying business services in a few swipes and taps on their smartphone. Specifically, customers can compare different meetings rooms by looking at photos and locations and add business services such as LCD projectors, video conferencing, wireless Internet access, catering options, and secretarial support.

Also available on iOS and Android devices, DavinciMobile is the indispensable companion to Davinci Auto Receptionist.  With DavinciMobile, you can take your business calls, voicemail, and faxes become mobile like you. Some of the key features include:

  • Anywhere access: Call, text, and fax from your Davinci phone number as well as manage your call forwarding settings with a swipe and tap.
  • Maintain privacy: Determine which caller ID is displayed when you make calls.
  • Voicemail management: View, read, and listen to voicemail transcription or messages.

Finally, with the release of Davinci LIVE on iOS and Android devices earlier this year, our customers have the ability to manage their Davinci Live Receptionist and Live Web Chat services in a swipe and tap. Some of the key features include:

  • Manage all call routing and messaging options
  • Display availability status and provide call-handling instructions
  • View detailed messages, call activity and history, and get app notifications
  • Get contact and call-back information from calls and messages directly on the smartphone
  • Access billing history and view all current and past calls and activities
  • Contact Davinci Virtual support staff through email, phone, or live chat

We’ve seen great adoption rates of the mobile apps right out of the gate and then sustained momentum. An important measuring stick is the fact that customers like the apps, which tout a 4+ rating on iTunes and Google Play.

Check Them Out

For customers getting ready to leave on a big trip or simply those who are always mobile and on the go, check out our mobile apps today. Of course, for companies who haven’t used Davinci Virtual Office Solutions—whether our Virtual Offices, Meeting Rooms, Live Receptionists, Live Web Chat, or Auto Receptionists—don’t wait to see the benefits. Sign up today!


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