Why It Might Be Time to Abandon the Office

Are you tired of working in a gray and tight traditional office with cubicles? And working from home is often distracting your work flow and looking unprofessional? It is time for an innovative solution – the virtual office.

A virtual office is a business location for rent that supports small companies and individuals when choosing to work outside a traditional office but still need meeting space or a temporary office. This service allows you to do all your business without commute time in a productive environment at very low operating costs. Why it is time to leave the traditional office behind:

Traditional offices have given structures that are difficult to break. While this is a good solution for businesses with many employees, there are several disadvantages for self-employed individuals as well as a handful of co-workers. Traditional offices offer a lot of space. There is room for every employee with meeting spaces and designated areas for visitors, a staff kitchen, etc. The receptionist deals with visiting clients and calendars and you can work according to traditional working hours in a given location. But for many people these are drawbacks, because they simply do not need this much space and partly work from home, yet, still need to be able to meet clients in person. In a virtual office you have all the advantages of a traditional office but in a vibrant setting with much more flexibility, less to no commute time and inexpensive rent. Using virtual offices could really pay off. Here is why:

Benefits of virtual offices at one glance:

  • A business address: You will have a physical address where you receive parcels, invoices and all other business-related items.
  • Exclusive location: a virtual office offers you a meeting room rental service with prestigious meeting spaces for you and your clients, so you always look professional.
  • Flexible rental: Davinci offers Davinci Meeting Rooms, so you can use as much space as you need for as long as you need it: One or four people for one hour, one day, a month or longer. You only pay for the space and time you use it.
  • Assistance: a virtual assistant works only for you, managing your e-mails, phone calls and calendar, and a real receptionist provides physical assistance for receiving your clients as well as during your business meetings.
  • Low costs: it is inexpensive, as you only pay what you use and are not caught up in long-time rent.

Why this could be a smart way of working

If you are looking for an alternative way of working, virtual offices offer the best of both worlds. Whether you are your own boss or have a few co-workers, virtual offices allow you to focus on your work progress. While you are flexible to work from home, you can rent a temporary office space and a meeting space of a virtual office in case you need it, e.g. for visiting clients. They provide a meeting room rental service. The rooms are fully furnished and offer additional services such as high-speed internet or printers. They are always located in elegant areas all over the world. Therefore, commute time is significantly reduced, and you can work where you want, whenever you want. No more waking up early in the morning or finding yourself stuck in traffic, or perhaps, ruining a deal, because you cannot be at the office in a timely manner. You do not pay unnecessary bills or rent as for traditional offices.

Still any doubts?

If you are a small business that works with virtual services and sometimes needs a temporary office space or a temporary meeting space, it is time to abandon the office as you know it. With a virtual office you are flexible and can manage your business with an innovative solution.


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