Benefits of Booking a Meeting in a Formal Meeting, Conference Room or Boardroom Space Vs. a Hotel.

You’re holding a meeting at an out of town location and you want it to be perfect. So, you booked a space at the hotel where the group is staying. There you are, sitting on uncomfortable chairs meant for weddings, rapping your knees on awkwardly placed table legs and listening to the catering staff bang pots and dishes around while breaking down the room next door.  Doesn’t sound so perfect, does it?  Don’t book at that fancy hotel, instead hold your gathering in a top-notch office building where they know you meetings are important.

What? Book an office in a building you don’t rent from….is that possible? Yes, it is.   There are many independent office operators that rent offices, board, conference and training rooms by the hour or day (s).  You can find yourself on the penthouse level of the high-rise overlooking the harbor or in ultra-modern, technology rich boardroom of the building next to the hotel.   You choose you amenities, atmosphere and location.

The benefits of an off-site meeting space:
  1. No Food and beverage minimum. If you want catering you can get it, it’s not required.
  2. Rooms and furniture that were meant for holding meetings
  3. The latest technology for presentations and video calls
  4. No banging plates or disruptions
  5. Focus time for your attendees away from the hotel
  6. Office staff to help with whatever you may need.
  7. Copiers, printers and wi-fi without the huge charge.

Let’s face it, holding a meeting in a place designed to hold banquets is never the right way to have the perfect meeting.  Holding your meeting in a top-notch office location and you will have the best atmosphere for success.  

Davinci has some of the most desirable addresses with conference rooms ready to book right now. Visit Davinci Meeting Rooms  today to get started on booking your next meeting.

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