How To Ace Your Next Funding Presentation

Funding for your business venture is a vital part of the journey of owning a successful business. But how do you successfully ace your funding presentation? Here are some tips to help pitch to investors and get funded. 

How to Pitch Investors: 7 Essential Tips to Getting Funded

1. Book a Premium Meeting Room

First you need to determine which space you will use for your presentation. Ideally you will book an impressive meeting room in a well known office building in your city, this sets the right tone for your funding presentation. The meeting room itself should be fully equipped with the latest in presentation technology such as high-definition projectors, screens, high-speed wireless internet, smart boards, etc.


2. Create a Pitch Deck that Wows

Next, you will have to create the presentation itself. In order to have a successful funding presentation you will have to show potential investors that you have all your bases covered and are ready to enter the market.

3. Value Proposistion and Storytelling

The presentation should start by stating your value proposition. Storytelling comes in handy at this point to illustrate more effectively the problem that your company was made to solve. Next you need to show investors exactly how you plan on completely solving this problem.

Then you should present your target market. Be realistic about who you are targeting and break down the market into TAM, SAM, SOM. This will convey to your potential investors that you have a well-thought-out market and rollout plan. At this time you should also mention who your competitors are and what share of the market they have.

4. Pricing Strategy

Now for perhaps the most important part of your presentation: How will your business make money? Be as specific as possible about your products and pricing strategy.

At this point it is important that you share any successes and accomplishments you have had up until this point. This will help you build your credibility.  

5. Demand Generation

Next you want to share what your marketing and sales strategies look like which flows nicely into presenting your team.

It’s time now to present your financial projections, which means showing your revenue projections for each one of your projects.

6. Funding Needs

Finally, share what your funding needs are, how much money you need, why you need it, what it will be used for and what the intended outcome is.

You should also think about your exit strategy and how you are going to show that to your audience.

7. Practice Your Pitch

Remember to rehearse your pitch a few times before the meeting. This will help you deliver your pitch in a more natural and relaxed way.

Get Started Today

Print out a complete business plan and an executive summary for each of the potential investors you will be pitching to, this way they can read more if they are interested in your business. Book a meeting room near you and best of luck.


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